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Write Your Book Using The Chunky Method With Allie Pleiter

Many professional speakers are also writers, but some just don’t know how to get started. Others are writing a book but keep getting in their own way.  On this episode of The Wealthy Speaker Podcast, we welcome bestselling author, Allie Pleiter to share her ideas and the Chunky Method of writing.

Over 1.4 million Allie Pleiter fiction and non-fiction titles have been sold around the world. The award-winning bestselling author of over 40 books, Allie continues to release multiple books every year while speaking on creative productivity.  She serves on the Board of Directors of NSA Illinois and has spoken at several NSA chapters around the country.

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Highlights you won’t want to miss:

  • The Chunky Method.  [2:25]
  • What stops most writers from getting started. [7:15]
  • Are you a Marlin or a Dory?  [12:05]
  • Why you should write your own book. [17:00]
  • How I write 4 books at a time.  [22:00]
  • Fiction vs non-fiction.  [24:05]

Allie’s expertise is helping focus creative people to be consistently productive while teaching high-performing professionals how to create the vital content today’s marketing requires.

Already a national speaker in the writing world for her Chunky Method system of time and task management, Allie has now broadened her reach to help professionals in a variety of industries including speakers. Allie’s unique momentum-based approach can help busy speakers take that crucial step of adding a book to their careers. 

If you would like some insight on how to refine your writing schedule or just need ideas on how to get started, you can’t afford to miss this episode!

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