Catapult your Speaking Business

When navigating a start up business, or boosting an existing one, having someone at your side who’s been there and done it is imperative.  The speaking business can be unnerving at times – so many things you “should” be doing.  So many options, which way should you turn?  Jane Atkinson cuts through the B.S. and helps you bee-line straight for success.

  • Develop marketing that is going to get you booked
  • Achieve a focused message, with intriguing language
  • Position yourself as an expert
  • Move your fees up the ladder
  • Add supplemental revenue streams

If I could save you time and money, wouldn’t it be
worth checking out Step 1?  Jane Atkinson

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We’re here to help you build the speaking business (and the life) of your dreams! We do this through our: Wealthy Speaker book and product line; Private coaching; teleclasses and The Wealthy Speaker University.  Double click on the graphic below to see Jane’s process.