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2 Simple Steps to Speaking Success with Jane Atkinson

2 Simple Steps to Speaking Success with Jane Atkinson
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Quote: “I’ve heard speakers say that “I’m all in on my dream, I’m all in on my goal” and then do things that show me otherwise.” Jane Atkinson

What does it take to be a successful speaker and create the business of your dreams? I’ve realized that there are two things that keep us moving forward toward our goals in business and life. On this episode of The Wealthy Speaker Show, I am here to share them with you in a “quickie” podcast that will be concise and easy to digest designed to help you to shore up your belief in yourself and create speaking success!

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Jane Atkinson: hey everyone and welcome to the wealthy speaker podcast it's Friday and I just came back from giving blood and you know, trying to figure out.

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Jane Atkinson: What can you do when there is strife going on in the world, there is, you know crazy things happening, Russia has invaded the Ukraine, I got me thinking about this new premise that I have.

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Jane Atkinson: that there are two only two things that are needed in order to be successful in business and the funny thing is, is, I think it applies to everything i'm just starting to learn that.

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Jane Atkinson: So i'm watching the news and i'm seeing soldier after soldier for Ukraine talking about the fight and i'm thinking to myself to have such conviction.

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Jane Atkinson: They have 100% belief in their mission to defeat Putin and I stayed potent because I don't think Russia wants to be at war.

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Jane Atkinson: I think it's him right I don't know if we could debate that probably because everything seems to be debatable, these days, but I think most of the world recognizes that Putin is the only one that the Russian people are not to blame for this.

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Jane Atkinson: So let me go back to my two things that are required in business number one is belief 100% belief in your mission.

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Jane Atkinson: And so, if you're saying to yourself, I have a goal to get to a million dollars next year, that is your belief, you need to have 100% conviction in that mission these Ukrainian soldiers when they are interviewed there is no room for doubt and they don't have any they are so convincing.

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Jane Atkinson: You know what are the alternatives, of course, for them, but at the same time, I mean they really you can feel it, you can feel it from their leaders alinsky you can feel it all the way down the ranks that's actually good leadership right.

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Jane Atkinson: So the second thing.

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Jane Atkinson: Number one is belief number two is consistent action.

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Jane Atkinson: And they are out there, you know here's a musician learning how to use an automatic weapon.

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Jane Atkinson: here's a doctor learning how to use a rocket launcher I mean here is a mom.

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Jane Atkinson: Making homemade Molotov cocktails and they're making things to go on the road that will stop vehicles, I mean it's they're consistent action is being taken.

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Jane Atkinson: By these people, at all levels in order to go in order to achieve success in this mission, and you know they've got the whole world pulling for them right.

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Jane Atkinson: It just made me really realize that this idea, this two step process for success belief and consistent action can be used for anything.

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Jane Atkinson: So let's apply it to your speaking business number one belief means that when you new need a new website.

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Jane Atkinson: You invest you get a new website, you have skin in the game you by by saying yes to that you are showing up your belief, you are continuing to manage your mind.

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Jane Atkinson: and show your mind that you are all in on this, and when you do that, I think subconsciously you your mind goes to work and starts helping you figure it out.

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Jane Atkinson: You know if something doesn't work you try something else you know, have you ever woken up at three o'clock in the morning with an idea, and it was a winner that's your mind going to work subconsciously and it's because you fed it.

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Jane Atkinson: This hundred percent all in belief it's because you put skin in the game it's because you've said yes 100% yes, I am doing this, when you hold back from doing the things that you know you need to do, you are showing yourself that you're not all in.

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Jane Atkinson: And that's doing some things to, and I think that i've heard a lot of speakers say that i'm all in on my dream i'm all in on my goal and then do things that show me otherwise let's just say that.

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Jane Atkinson: Okay, so belief going all in investing in the things that you want to do not waiting for the timing, to be right just doing it just doing it The second thing is the consistent action, so when it comes to this thought model that i've been studying for.

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Jane Atkinson: quite a while now, a couple of years.

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Jane Atkinson: The line is at the action line and that's actually what we coach on here over at the wealthy speaker school we coach on the action line we show you all the actions to take.

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Jane Atkinson: Whether it's identifying your perfect audience and developing a promise statement and putting together your website, maybe a DEMO video.

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Jane Atkinson: And then, and then rolling all that out and taking that consistent action by planting seeds out in the world and letting people know that you're there and then continuing to do that, over and over and over again until you have results until you have success.

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Jane Atkinson: that's step two consistent action.

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Jane Atkinson: Number one belief number two consistent action.

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Jane Atkinson: i'm going to be providing you with a few more of these little quickie podcasts that will allow you to be thinking about your business in these ways now For those of you who are skeptics, let me just say this.

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Jane Atkinson: I was with you a few years ago, when it came to what I thought was possible let's take my world, for instance, the coaching world.

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Jane Atkinson: When I first started as a coach I got trained by the coaches training institute and I asked the leader of my training group how much do you charge.

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Jane Atkinson: And I think he told me, you know $325 an hour or something like that and I thought to myself at that time well great i'm going to beat that and I did almost immediately, and I have since doubled tripled and quadrupled that fee.

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Jane Atkinson: And that came with belief had you asked me let's say five seven years ago, can a coach earn a million dollars a year.

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Jane Atkinson: I want to said, well, it would be a little bit tricky but you know I don't know I don't i'm not sure.

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Jane Atkinson: I would never have said with absolute 100% conviction and clarity hail yes and and and had you asked me could a Canadian speaker.

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Jane Atkinson: charge 15,000 if they weren't a celebrity 10 years ago I would have said no, I don't think so now, I say hail, yes, because guess what.

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Jane Atkinson: I don't know if you've ever driven a golf cart but there's a governor on the golf cart and once you take it off, you can go as fast as you want well the governor's off people.

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Jane Atkinson: The Governor is off in terms of what I certainly believe is possible anymore Can somebody from the other side of the world, I have a client in the UK.

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Jane Atkinson: Who at the beginning of our time together was telling me that in the UK, you can only charge a certain amount.

00:08:54.270 --> 00:09:03.960
Jane Atkinson: governors off people not no more, and this has taken me months and months of convincing for her to say you know to her clients.

00:09:04.500 --> 00:09:15.120
Jane Atkinson: i'm worth this much and she's getting it she's getting it it's because she now believes the first sale, by the way, is to yourself.

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Jane Atkinson: So my UK client, the first sale was to her, she needed to really believe in her value and now luckily she is able to get the fees overseas it's no problem for her because she had the belief anyway.

00:09:30.360 --> 00:09:39.690
Jane Atkinson: That in the US, you could get this much, but she didn't have it for the UK and now she does so let me just say I don't care where you live.

00:09:40.500 --> 00:10:01.920
Jane Atkinson: what's possible is anything you want it to be the expert if you can provide enough value to people, the expert commands whatever fee the expert wants to charge the governor is.

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Jane Atkinson: The sky is the limit number one belief number two consistent action like I started to say I don't know I got distracted.

00:10:12.930 --> 00:10:24.480
Jane Atkinson: I hope to provide you with a few more kind of like quickie podcast episodes that will be designed to give you a short shot in the arm.

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Jane Atkinson: You got 20 minutes great let me listen to one of these to just shore up my belief that anything's possible Now let me just preface or finalize this conversation with.

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Jane Atkinson: Can anybody do it if they don't provide the value, then we have a problem okay so be confident in what it is that you're selling the first sale is to yourself back it up with value and i'm telling you right now the sky's the limit the governor is off i'll see you soon wealthy speakers.


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I created The Wealthy Speaker Podcast to share insights with you that will help you scale your speaking business. I am always learning from my coaches as well as from all of you. I am happy to have this platform to offer you access to some of the best experts in the business and the opportunity to receive tips and strategies that are sure to inspire you on your speaking journey.

If you would like to learn what I firmly believe are the two keys to creating speaking success, you simply can’t afford to miss this episode!

I hope you’ll download and learn.


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