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Share Your Nominees for the 2017 Best Speaker Website Contest

2017 best speaker website contest

It has been two years since we ran our “Best Speaker Website Contest” and once again, much has changed in website design and fads in that time.

We have seen a shift away from photo carousels and more folks opting for parallax scrolling websites. Hero images have gotten bigger. Fonts have gotten bolder. While any of these things could be considered good or bad, ultimately it comes down to personal taste.

For this year’s contest, we are focusing on six specific criteria. We realize that the people who matter the most when it comes to determining whether a speaker’s website is good or not are those who are hiring them. After all, it only matters what they like and whether your message and story are coming across effectively to them. We know that these six specific areas play a large part in their decision making and we use them as a base when evaluating nominees so we can reduce the number down to a reasonable size for voting. Here are the six criteria that we will be looking for:

Clear Promise Statement: Can we tell within 15 seconds how you are going to help your prospects?
► Compelling Brand: Does your brand or language pull us in? Is it sticky (i.e., memorable)?
► Simplified: Is your website easy to navigate?
► Expert Focus: Does your website say “here’s how we can help you” or is it old school and says “hire me; I am a speaker.”
► Pazow: Does your website have a great vibe or feel that makes us want to do business with you?
► Video: (This one may be the most important) Do you have a compelling video that shows people who you are and what you offer?

Think your website, or a website you know, hits the mark? If so, add the website URL and what you like about it in the comments below. We will be accepting nominations until Friday, May 12th.

Once all the nominations are received, we will pick the top six websites and open voting to everyone to find our winner.

See you soon Wealthy Speakers!

Jane Atkinson

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