Share Your Nominees for the 2017 Best Speaker Website Contest

It has been two years since we ran our “Best Speaker Website Contest” and once again, much has changed in website design and fads in that time.

We have seen a shift away from photo carousels and more folks opting for parallax scrolling websites. Hero images have gotten bigger. Fonts have gotten bolder. While any of these things could be considered good or bad, ultimately it comes down to personal taste.

For this year’s contest, we are focusing on six specific criteria. We realize that the people who matter the most when it comes to determining whether a speaker’s website is good or not are those who are hiring them. After all, it only matters what they like and whether your message and story are coming across effectively to them. We know that these six specific areas play a large part in their decision making and we use them as a base when evaluating nominees so we can reduce the number down to a reasonable size for voting. Here are the six criteria that we will be looking for:

Clear Promise Statement: Can we tell within 15 seconds how you are going to help your prospects?
► Compelling Brand: Does your brand or language pull us in? Is it sticky (i.e., memorable)?
► Simplified: Is your website easy to navigate?
► Expert Focus: Does your website say “here’s how we can help you” or is it old school and says “hire me; I am a speaker.”
► Pazow: Does your website have a great vibe or feel that makes us want to do business with you?
► Video: (This one may be the most important) Do you have a compelling video that shows people who you are and what you offer?

Think your website, or a website you know, hits the mark? If so, add the website URL and what you like about it in the comments below. We will be accepting nominations until Friday, May 12th.

Once all the nominations are received, we will pick the top six websites and open voting to everyone to find our winner.

See you soon Wealthy Speakers!

Jane Atkinson

  • Vicki Hess

    I nominate Jan Fox’s website: She’s just done a major overhaul and I think her value proposition is crystal clear. I like the bold colors that match her Bold Speaker promise. Her video is great…but of course you would expect that since she was a report for many years.

  • Rob “Waldo” Waldman, Your Wingman. Meets all the criteria and is entertaining and inspiring to watch: Glad you are doing this Jane!! 🙂

  • Elaine Froese

    Hi Jane, I think my website is a great fit for my farm audience. They tell me they think the website is easy to navigate and has many helpful tools. Check it out at

  • DARRYL – Excited for the contest and I love seeing all the other submissions. 😉 – I’ve worked a lot on the site over the past two years and feel it hit’s your criteria! Thanks!

  • Designed by the inimitable Kirsten Finstad, has served my clients and, by extension, me, very well.

  • Caroline Davidson
    From the moment you access the site you are engaged by the powerful, uplifting messages and immediately understand what the speaker is all about. The video captures the energy and a true picture of what this organization does. Each page is easy to navigate and the content is clear. The brand, FROG, Forever Recognize Others’ Greatness, is awesome and so clever! The resources and all the extras the site has to offer is truly amazing, worthwhile and useful! As a user of the services, I highly recommend this for the WIN!

  • Lindsey Pollak

    I nominate Kate White’s terrific new website: Her brand promise is crystal clear and the website is focused and user-friendly. I also love the prominence of her videos and speaking photos. The site has energy, smarts and pizzazz, just like Kate. Thank you for holding this contest again, Jane! – Lindsey Pollak

  • Kate Whhite
    I just love Lindsey Pollack’s site. It modern, clean, easy to navigate, and very compelling. The promise is totally clear: She’s going to explain Gen Y to us. Makes me want to hire her right this second even though I’m not in the market for this service.

  • Elaine Froese

    Donald Coopers’ site is loaded with practical tools, great design. He’s been in the speaking/business building zone for many years and at age 75, he should get the traditional generation award for best website.

  • I have suggested a number of folks submit their own site, I have so many I like and they are wonderful and different in so many ways. Alas, I cannot submit my top 20+, so I submit a select few here, in effort to recognize the best and see how I stack up.

    Kindra Hall, – Great, large pics; easy to understand; clear message, A+
    Tamsen Webster, – Targeted directly at the one who hires, clear message, bold colors
    Jeffrey Davidson (me), – A continual work in progress, with a number good elements

  • Dawnielle Foussard

    Mary Miller of JANCOA in Cincinnati is an energetic, inspiring speaker. The company she owns with her husband was the inspiration for Matthew Kelly’s Dream Manager book that inspired companies (and readers) around the world to encourage their employees to dream again.

    Mary is known for her ability to inspire audiences to overcome obstacles and pursue their dreams. In her keynotes and workshops, she motivates audiences to work toward a fulfilling life by achieving dreams and focusing on life’s positives.

  • As a former nominee, I know what you’re looking for : )
    Here are three sites that are absolutely STUNNING…

  • Nicole McCoy

    I’m proud of our new website for a few reasons. First, I think it captures the dynamic Greg brings audiences. Second, it’s designed “mobile first”. With a majority of decision-makers utilizing their phones to access information, this element reflects us well. Easy to get, easy to work with. And finally, I’d say the new site reflects our brand well. We are committed to consistently providing an excellent experience every time. There are so many great sites already submitted! Thanks for pulling them together.

  • Sheila Moland

    People visit websites to find out about people, products, and services. That’s why I am so excited to have the opportunity to nominate for this award! As a speaker representative for David, I use this site daily and find it to be an excellent resource tool. What makes it so effective is the ease of use, coupled with all the “must have” components (video, great content, and social media tags). Most of all, it tells David’s story, giving insight, information, and a clear vision of David’s purpose and the value he brings to his clients.

  • Dora Ortiz

    Jane, I was out of the state speaking and I wanted to make sure and get this of a phenomenal speaker’s website sent in to you. I really enjoy your newsletters and I wanted to thank you again for allowing us to nominate speakers and their websites. My nomination is a paraplegic speaker who has overcome tremendous obstacles to turn tragedy into triumph. His website is Thank you so much Jane for this opportunity and keep up the great newsletters! Warmly, Dora Ortiz

    • speakerlauncher

      Thanks Dora, today was the deadline for the voting on the 3 finalists, which were chosen earlier. Appreciate you reaching out, let’s try again next time.