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3 Key Elements of a Strong Website

Because our best website contest is on right now (feel free to enter if you think you have a website that ROCKS!), I wanted to share some key elements of strong websites with you and show you some examples.

Note, because these websites are from my clients, I’ll have you do the final voting on the best website contest as I am obviously biased!? ☺

Of course, none of the websites will have every single thing perfect, but I do want you to focus on these three key elements: Strong Promise – Clear Brand, Simplicity, and Strong Video.

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Key #1: Strong Promise, Clear Brand

Kate White is the former editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan Magazine and a best-selling author in the thriller genre, which I admire so much. Her website is simple and holds some key elements.


Kate White2

  1. Follow the arrows and check out her “BOLD” brand and promise statement.
  2. Her magnet doesn’t say “Sign Up For Our Newsletter” – Hallelujah!
  3. The headline speaks to her street cred as does her piece for the Harvard Business Review.

Key #2: Simplicity

We all got carried away with adding more and more stuff to our websites (I’m one of the first in the line of over-crowded sites). But for a breath of fresh air, check out Lindsay Pollak’s site. It’s simple, it’s elegant, it’s clear.

While not everybody can get away with a simple promise like “Millennial Workplace Expert”, I recommend most people have a promise that is about them (your client) and not you. But for Lindsay, this just works.

lindsey pollack2


  1. Check out all this white space. Doesn’t it make you just want to sit quietly and meditate?
  2. See her clear lead magnet (name capture). It’s right in line with her expertise and uses interesting language to capture you.

Key #3: Strong Video 

When we are trying to get booked to speak, our clients want to see us speaking live. Now, please don’t think you need to run out and spend $10K getting a video montage shot like Ryan Estis did. A great two-minute clip is sometimes all that you need. When you get a $15K fee, then think about putting together a highly produced demo video.

ryan estis2


  1. Ryan’s website positions him as an expert and demonstrates clearly what clients are getting when they pay his fee (energy, enthusiasm, and strong content).
  2. A strong video up front and center give visitors the opportunity to see exactly who you are and how you present to an audience.
  3. A clear call-to-action (BOOK NOW) directs visitors to exactly where Ryan wants them to go. (Note: A ‘Book Now’ button doesn’t necessarily work unless a speaker is hot. Consider something that says “Connect With Us” instead)

That’s it, three key ideas to think about when putting together your next website. Keep it simple people!

See you soon, Wealthy Speakers!


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