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3 Steps to Mentally Preparing Yourself to Attract the Perfect Buyer

3 Steps to Mentally Preparing Yourself to Attract the Perfect Buyer Featured Image

Let’s be honest. When you lose a piece of business that you know you would be perfect for, it stings. And it can push us through a flurry of different emotions, many of which aren’t conducive to closing more business. Today I want to talk about how you can mentally prepare yourself to attract the perfect buyer… and close more sales.

Let me start by telling you what prompted this post. I lost a piece of business this week, and it hurt. I spent time on a Zoom call with a prospective client who would have been a perfect fit.  She had a full-time business and wanted to speak on the side. She could afford my services and was motivated to get work done to have success.

The day after our call, the prospect called me to tell me that she was going to work with her course coach, who was going to show her the ropes in the speaking business. I simply said, “Okay,” and wished her well, knowing full well that there was no way her course coach was bringing 30 years of speaking industry experience to the table.

Jane Atkinson - little bit down

And then I got a little bit down and realized how much losing this prospect stung. It completely messed with my mindset. All I could think was that I clearly hadn’t shown this prospect the value of working with me. What did I miss? What could I have done differently? What should I change? All these various thoughts just overtook my thinking.

Then I stopped. Instead, I thought about how I would advise one of my clients if they lost a piece of business. For all of us, the goal is that you have enough business in the funnel so that you can have a “win some, lose some” attitude. Then the losses don’t sting so much.

That is the goal.

But I want to share one more layer to this that revolves around two specific thoughts:

  1. How you think going into a call with a prospect, and
  2. How you think when you don’t get the business  

These two thoughts are something we need to be intentional about.

3 Steps to Mentally Preparing Yourself to Attract the Perfect Buyer

Jane Atkinson - mentally preparing yourself image

Let’s dive into some examples of how you can prepare yourself mentally to attract the perfect buyer.

Step 1: The Prospect Call

There are two potential thoughts you may have going into a call with a prospect.  

The first unintentional or unconscious thought might be, “Geez, I hope they hire me.” This type of thinking may prompt a feeling of uncertainty.

The second would be a more intentional thought like,  “I have what people need, and they will gladly pay me.” This prompts a feeling of confidence.

Uncertainty vs. Confidence. Can you see how these two opposite ways of thinking can have a huge impact on how the prospect call goes?

prospect call image

Step 2: Loss of Business

Now let’s consider our thoughts after we lose a piece of business. This is an area that I’m working on currently because of my loss this week.  

My initial thought after the call was unintentional; “Well, I clearly blew that call and didn’t show enough value.” This thinking led to breeding the feeling of disappointment.

A more intentional thought coming off a loss might be, “My right fit clients will find me and can afford me.” This type of thought breeds a feeling of certainty.

Disappointment vs. Certainty. By intentionally framing your thinking, you can walk away from a loss, still feeling confident and not falling into a cycle of overthinking and negativity.

"My right fit clients will find me and they can afford me!"

Step 3: Future Action

We’re not done yet! 

You might think this all sounds like a bunch of mumbo jumbo, but what’s interesting is to think about what feeling you are taking action from.  

So, I lose a piece of business, and my feeling is disappointment. Then, when I go to reach out to more prospects, I’m coming from a negative headspace. I’m coming from disappointment, which is clearly not going to work positively for me. Make sense?

Think about all of your actions in your speaking business to secure prospects and clients: sending emails, following up, writing blog posts, connecting on LinkedIn,  etc. When taking those actions, you want to be very aware of what feeling is driving them. If you are coming from a place of confidence, then you’ll be seeing results to match.

This thought work that I’ve just become certified in is very powerful. I love marrying it with my coaching on how to score more speaking business. Clients are seeing results simply from changing their thoughts, which changes their feelings and alters how they are taking action. And this is getting them results. Such good stuff!

Try it out for yourself!

I’ll see you soon, Wealthy Speakers.

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