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Can a Few Minutes a Day Really Change Your Life and Business?

Today we are exploring a very simple question: Can minutes a day really change your life and business?

I was skeptical. I had heard people talking about their morning rituals and how it “changed their lives,” and I thought “really?”  It sounded simple, so I decided to give it a try a year ago, and many aspects of my life, including my bank account, have definitely changed for the positive.

Early in 2017, I started journaling every morning and taking the time to set my daily intention. I saw the benefit of this almost immediately. Adding exercise to the routine was helpful, but when meditation became a habit, that’s when things really improved.

Several months passed with my new routine in place, and I felt better, had more clarity and performed at higher levels throughout the day. My energy lasted much longer even during winter months, so I knew this technique was effective.

Late last year I decided to take it to an entirely new level!  I decided to design my own journal for use in the speaking business.

Wealthy Speaker Daily Planner and Journal

I incorporated all of the features that I wanted, and I asked a few of my clients for input. Some of you may recall that the first version of the journal to hit the press was a bitter disappointment. So, we tweaked it and improved it and finally got it to a right size for traveling. I’ve been using it religiously ever since.

So what can you do to change up your day? Here are some ideas that take only 15 minutes, and you don’t need a fancy book, or really anything, to do them.

Start Each Day With Intention

This might be my favorite part of the Daily Success Planner but if you don’t have one, just get a clean sheet of paper and begin. What do you want this day to be? It’s such a lovely gift to give yourself. A promise of the idea that this day can be anything you want it to be.

change your life and business - setting daily intentions

When I forget to do my 5 minutes in my journal, I notice it and often have to rewind and start the day over.

Take Time for Yourself

Maybe you have children that you are packing off to school every morning. Or perhaps you spend your life on airplanes. Male or female, sometimes we put ourselves last. What’s one thing that you can do to show yourself that you’re worth time? For me, it’s the treadmill, and if you’ve seen me lately, you’ll know that I struggle. I am not the picture of fitness, but I will say that when I can string together seven days of even ten minutes on the treadmill, I feel better.

change your life and business - taking time for yourself

Now maybe exercise isn’t for you.  Perhaps you journal or read something that keeps you sharp. Maybe you like to mind map, or do yoga, or watch Ted Talks. Some of you might listen to podcasts while soaking in a bubble bath. Whatever your gift to yourself is, it’s perfect.

Relax Your Mind

Some of you may have steered clear of words like “meditation” before thinking it to be too woo-woo. But it’s just quieting the mind. You can do it with help or just sit on your own and be still and quiet for 10 minutes each day. The more you can practice this, the easier it gets. And again, when you skip it, you miss it. We have a free Wealthy Speaker meditation that allows you to embrace positive ideas about money. If you can use it 30 days straight, I believe you will see results.

change your life and business - meditation

How many minutes you spend on your morning ritual will depend on you. But if you can start and continue these habits, I believe that you will be well on your way to the results that you desire.

See you soon Wealthy Speakers!

Jane Atkinson

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