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Back to the Drawing Board: Overcoming a Setback in Your Speaking Business

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Undoubtedly, everyone reading this blog has experienced a setback in their business when the great plan in their head didn’t exactly go as planned when executed. While at the moment it can be frustrating and disappointing, it isn’t a failure. It’s just a setback in your speaking business and a reminder that when things go wrong we have to find our resilience and go back to the drawing board to fix it!

back to the drawing board

Imagine this…

You are reeling with the anticipation of getting the first copy of your new book in your hands.  You’ve worked for months, sometimes years, to get the content and design of the book just right.  And when the day finally comes for your book to be delivered, you watch with anticipation for the FedEx truck to show up and resist the urge to hug the FedEx guy before grabbing the box and heading back to your desk.  You excitedly rip the box open – Tada!!!!  All your hard work is right there in your hot little hands.  Such a great feeling!!!

But what if it isn’t?

Dealing with a Setback In Your Speaking Business

The scenario I had you imagine above recently happened to me. That was my response when I ripped open the box to see one of the “beta” copies of my new Wealthy Speaker Daily Planner and Journal.  I held it up and said “Oh no!!!!”  What was in my hands was not what I had in mind.

You see in my zealous effort to pack as much as possible into the pages, combined with the limitations that come with ordering print-on-demand, I ended up with what looked like a textbook for a really hard college course. It was pretty, but it was also pretty darn heavy!  The mailing costs alone on this product would kill me.

Despite my best effort and planning, reality had not met my expectations. So, what to do?Would I collapse under the weight of disappointment or would I move past this and succeed despite the obstacles?

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Heading Back to the Drawing Board

So what did I do?

Well, once the disappointment wore off, (I admit that took a day or two) I got down to work fixing the problem.

First, I had to ask myself several key questions.

  1. How can I let go of my vision?  What parts can I keep, what parts do I have to release?
  2. When things go wrong, what’s the fastest way to fix the problem?
  3. Who do I need on the team to get me there?

One of the major issues putting together a year-long journal is that you’re already sitting at 365 pages. Knowing this, we initially cut it back to 6 months, but that was still too much. So we cut back on one of the features to make it smaller again.  That way the finished product will still have all the valuable content I envisioned but be lean enough to easily travel with you.

We looked at spiral bound, they have a lot of beautiful options available these days, but the print on demand company didn’t offer spiral.  And we need these orders to run straight from Amazon through to the POD so that we don’t have to manage any inventory.

steps to overcoming a setback in your speaking business

There were a few other issues that we needed to address and a few new ideas that we could add now that we saw the physical product in hand. So, we got all the tweaks put into place, and now I’m thoroughly excited to rip open the next box!

One thing that didn’t change for me was my excitement about the contents of the journal.  We have a lot of terrific time management tips and daily habits that I know if adopted will really help people move their business forward.

wealthy speaker daily success planner and journal

Bottom line, when things don’t go well, get back on that horse, head back to the drawing board and keep moving forward!

What do you do when you face setbacks? Let us know in the comments below!

And if you’d like to check out my new perfected Wealthy Speaker Daily Success Planner and Journal, click HERE to go to the sales page.

See you soon, Wealthy Speakers!

Jane Atkinson


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