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Greasing the Wheel: Creating Engagement Pre-Event

Engaged audience

Have you ever noticed that when you deliver a presentation where people are familiar with your work, and love you already, you do a better job?

It happens in coaching all the time. When someone has seen you speak or is referred by a fan, the wheels are greased and you don’t have to start from the bottom of the credibility barrel. It’s just so much easier to do good work when you aren’t concerned about proving you’ve got the goods.

So how can we grease the wheel and create engagement for our upcoming presentations so that we go in with a warm audience?

Here are 3 quick tips:

1. Ask the planner how you can help build audience anticipation for the event. Perhaps you send them a series of articles, or emails to go out to the audience prior to the engagement.

2.  See if there might be an opportunity to have everyone read your book.  A copy of your most recent book should likely be in the clients hands already, either from the “pitch” phase or sent with the contract with a note about volume pricing.

3.  Send them a video to welcome the audience and let them know what your presentation is going to be about. Joe Calloway finds a 2-3 minute video helpful and says this….

“The videos are key for engaging the audience before the event. Make it very personal to them. Don’t be a speaker in the video. Really talk to them. Be purely real, not slick. That’s what I get good feedback about.” <Click to Tweet>

There are many ideas on how to create audience engagement before the event. Share yours here on our blog!

See you soon Wealthy Speakers!


PS:  The Epic Keynote has several great ideas for engaging with your audience once on the platform – check out your copy here:



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