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The Power of Using Crowdsourcing for Product Development


Crowdsourcing is one of those buzzwords we all hear tossed around these days. By definition it means to obtain information or input into a particular task or project by enlisting the services of a number of people, either paid or unpaid, typically via the Internet. I did not even realize I was crowdsourcing when I wrote my first three books, but I had been! Let me share why it is such a powerful and effective way of developing new products for your business.

When I started writing my first book, the Wealthy Speaker 2.0, I had the framework for the book, and I had my own ideas and experiences to write about, but I really wanted to know others perspectives on how they succeeded using one strategy or another. So I asked about 15-20 of my favorite experts in the speaking industry to weigh in on various topics that they were familiar with. Boy… that was such a great idea! The feedback I received was invaluable and sparked additional ideas that turned the book into a highly valuable tool for anyone entering the speaking industry.

Additionally, when I was creating my new Accelerate Course a couple of years ago, I reached out to my community and current clients for input on the areas that they struggle with the most when either launching their speaking business or trying to grow it to the next level. Their input helped me to create an outline that addressed the areas people struggle with most and a course that has effectively helped so many find success in speaking.

How can you effectively use crowdsourcing to help your business? Here are a few ideas:

Get that Book Completed!

Many of you have thought about writing a book and have just gotten stuck. Why? Typically because you feel you do not have enough content. Well, here are some great ways to get content for your next book:

  • Interview your clients (of course, this endears you to them, and they feel invested in the book which means they may purchase in bulk – Yippee!)
  • Interview your suppliers. This strengthens the relationship and creates a win-win (they may also purchase in bulk).
  • Interview your colleagues or competitors. By helping others shine, you demonstrate a willingness to embrace the competition while you remain the lead expert.
  • Open it up for outside input.  When you are using crowdsourcing at its core (Wikipedia style), you are allowing anyone to have input into your project. That does not mean you have to put everything you receive in print, but it does allow the creativity to flow.

Develop New Product Ideas

By surveying your clients, you can create products and services that were practically customized by them for them.

Build Community

When you have a group of fans already gathered, keeping them engaged by asking them for their input on ideas will help them feel more a part of the community.

I hope you are inspired by these ideas! Let me know in the comments how you’ve used crowdsourcing to build your business or how you might use it now that you have some additional ideas!

See you soon Wealthy Speakers!

Jane Atkinson



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