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3 Speakers Added! Decision Makers Guide to Emerging Speakers to Watch in 2016

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Our Most Promising Speakers to Watch out for in 2016

It’s summer and these speakers are hot, hot, hot!  Today we are highlighting three new speakers who we think you are going to see more and more of in the future and here’s why: They are talented and they are getting great results with their clients!

jane atkinsonOur Criteria

When picking our Promising Speakers for 2016, we looked at how sought after they are in the market (clients love them) and overall representation of themselves and their product. Additionally, those chosen deeply understand their core market and offer key differentiators that set them apart from the sea of speakers competing in their space.


3 Promising Speakers of 2016

Martin ParnellMartin Parnell

Martin inspires me and many others every day. Running 250 marathons in 1 year to raise money for kids is just a phenomenal feat and everyone can learn from his “Finish the Race” attitude. Companies with big goals hire Martin to help them reach their own finish lines, and he is doing great work out in the world.

What differentiates Martin from other speakers and gets him hired?

Martin focused in and got very clear about what he had to offer and who his market was. This has been instrumental in helping him reach more audiences.

Martin says, “The most important thing I did was to recognize that the completion of 250 marathons in one year, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in 21 hours and holding five Guinness World Records in endurance events, gave me a unique perspective on having a “Finish The Race Attitude.” Working with Jane has helped me to develop my original keynote to focus on sharing the valuable lessons I learned from my experiences and inspire a call to action. This focus has allowed me to develop keynotes and workshops based on working with clients to set goals and overcome obstacles to achieve their full potential.”

Kindra HallKindra Hall

You have all heard me bragging about Kindra before, and it is for a simple reason. She is booking a lot of business! Her strategy and tactics are sound and have worked well to propel her quickly onto our hot speaker’s list.

What differentiates Kindra from other speakers and gets her hired?

Kindra helps companies use storytelling to win the business, and her keynotes are really unique and compelling. This is one reason that she has such appeal to her target market and is getting booked.

Kindra says, “I launched onto the scene fairly quickly. Early on, it felt as those I was pushing a giant boulder up the hill, very slowly. But once I reached the peak, the boulder started chasing me down the hill and I’m working hard to stay ahead of it. My early strategy was to put myself in front of audiences (ie: marketing associations) who could introduce me to corporate work. So far, its been working very well and I’m staying ahead of the rock!”

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Matt MayberryMatt Mayberry

Matt Mayberry is a former linebacker for the Chicago Bears who is now a peak performance strategist and columnist for Entrepreneur and Fortune Magazine.

As a highly-acclaimed keynote speaker, Matt helps individuals and organizations maximize their performance and is extremely passionate about providing actionable strategies and ideas that each member of the audience can implement into their own life the minute he steps off stage.

What differentiates Matt from other speakers and gets him hired?

Matt has put as much time and energy into learning and growing his speaking business as he did to getting drafted into the NFL. Although an injury altered his career path, he has brilliantly turned lemons into lemonade. His audiences are inspired by his ability to overcome several major obstacles in his life and career.

Matt says, “Nothing has benefited my speaking career more than being ridiculously obsessed with providing an extreme amount of value every single time I step on the stage. I want to do a whole lot more than just inspire or motivate an audience. I want to inspire change and action that develops way beyond me speaking on stage. Nothing is more gratifying than receiving an email from someone explaining how they are still experiencing great results from implementing an idea or strategy I shared with them over a year ago.”

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