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Gettin’ R Done in 2017: A Handy 3-Step Goal Setting Worksheet

goal setting worksheet

It is that time again! The time when we review our goals for the year, see how well we did and move forward with initiatives for the next year.

When I reviewed my goals for 2016, I was so happy to see how many of my ideas had come to life.

To help you move your goals forward and plan for next year, I have created the Big Dreams Worksheet – a handy 3-step worksheet that allows you to review your goals from the current year, plan your goals for the next year and then map it all out!

I hope you will print this worksheet and take it with you on holidays so that you can ponder your goals and ambitions for 2017 and then create a strategic plan to keep moving forward!



Looking back on 2016:

  1. What are you most proud of?
  2. What goals will you bring forward into 2017?
  3. What got in your way of achieving your goals?
  4. How will you move around that roadblock this year?

STEP 2: 2017 GOALS

  1. What are your top life goals for 2017? (i.e., improve health, family vacation, etc.)
  2. If you did not have one shred of fear or doubt, what would you set as your financial goal for 2017?
  3. What are some of the milestones that would have to take place to achieve that goal? (i.e., raise fee, new speech, write a book, etc.)
  4. When you break down those milestones into steps, what will your first steps be in January 2017?

Now transfer your steps into your calendar for 2017 calendar to ensure that they get moving forward. Don’t try to do them all at the same time.


Take your life goals and financial goal and find photos that give you a visual for these things happening. For instance, if you have a goal to purchase a boat, find a photo of a boat. If you want to travel, get photos of where you want to go. Perhaps a giant stage with your photo on it will inspire you.

You can do a dream map in several ways:

  1. Kick it old school with some scissors, glue, magazines and some bristol board.
  2. Take it to your laptop. Cut and paste photos from the internet of things that you want, move them into a program like Pages (Mac) or Word / Publisher (for Windows), lay them out in a pretty fashion. Print and laminate.(I sent my 11×17 dream map to Staples and they laminated it for me. I made three copies and placed them around my house – office, bedroom, and bathroom – for constant inspiration.)

(Download the Worksheet)

I found the second way of mapping my goals out to be the most fulfilling, but some may enjoy the magazines and glue idea. I did this with my step daughters when they were younger, and we put them into beautiful frames. It was a great bonding experience, and we got to know the each other’s dreams.

Looking back on my dream board for this year, several goals came true in a surprisingly quick fashion. We did take the big family vacation. We did travel. We did purchase that cottage – even though it looks nothing like the one on the board, but we are just getting started on that project!

You might surprise yourself with the power of this exercise. I will be checking back with you in 12 months on this one!

Happy Holiday Season Wealthy Speakers!

Jane Atkinson




PS: Stay tuned as we launch some programs designed to help you reach your goals next year!

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