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Are you Living Your Dream?

living your dream

Sometimes life gets in the way of us living our dreams. Then at other times the pieces of the puzzle just fall into place.

Fifteen years ago my coach, Rich Fettke and I mapped out what I wanted my life to look like. Back then I lived in a small apartment in Dallas with just my cat. I had already come a long way from waiting tables, bartending at night and working temp jobs during the day. But Rich taught me how to dream big, which when you are living in Texas where everything is bigger, was easy to do.

During my time in Dallas, I was looking for my spiritual identity. I was exploring my beliefs and stumbled across Wayne Dyers Principles of Manifestation. Take just a few minutes to watch this short video (hopefully the music won’t turn you off the message):


I always remembered the idea of setting out your intention and then detaching from the outcome – trusting that things would come to you when it was the right time. So when I set my goals, some I take immediate action on, but for others, I just trust that when the time is right they will be achieved.

As a younger woman, when it came to relationships, my patience was tested. For me, this was the perfect area to try out the Principles of Manifestation. While working at the speaker’s bureau in Dallas, I had pinned up a photo from a magazine of a man on my office wall. The photo I JaneJohn_crop-150x150hung was a good looking man with salt and pepper hair (gray fox), in a plaid workmen’s jacket and jeans. He was carrying a load of lumber on his shoulders – clearly, he was handy! Well, at age 42, my intentions came to be, and I married John an electrical contractor who is super handy and whom I consider to be a hot gray fox!

Early in our marriage, one of the dreams that John and I set out to achieve was that we would have a lakefront cottage in the north and a place in the south near a golf course. The place in the south is a long way off, simply because at this stage of life, we cannot spend much time there. But guess what? On October 24th, 2016, we will be the new owners of a lakefront property just a few hours away from our home. We picture our grandkids growing up on this lake and learning to paddle board and water ski; I cannot tell you how excited I am!!


So, why am I telling you all this? Because Wayne Dyer’s principles of manifestation work. I have learned to trust that I can make everything happen in my life that I desire. Does it take hard work to get there? Well, yes! For me, it took about 20 years to make this lakefront cottage come into the realm of possibility.

I know many of my clients are impatient and I will guess that many of you reading this are too. However, I am here to tell you that if you a) set out your dreams, b) take steps towards them, and c) believe that anything is possible… it can happen for you. All you have to do is look around at our industry. My Facebook page is flooded with friends traveling all over the world doing amazing work and living out their dreams.

Need a little help getting there. Check out my blog post on The Mental Side of Wealthy, where I share 2 exercises you can do to turn your goals into achievements.

Are you living your dream?  Please share with us in the comments below or join us over on our Facebook Page and share!

See you soon Wealthy Speakers!

Jane Atkinson


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