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Intentional Social Media for Speakers with Jane Atkinson

Intentional Social Media for Speakers with Jane Atkinson
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Quote: “What is the point of social media if it doesn’t all drive back to your thought leadership?” Jane Atkinson

In the coming months, I’ve decided to do a series of short or “quickie” podcasts that are designed to give you value-packed information in easy-to-digest segments. I hope that you enjoy this format and welcome your feedback. You can always comment on our podcast page at  or email me directly at  

How much thought do you really give your social media postings? Do you post mainly for business, or is it more personal for you when you’re posting? Do you consider the implications of what you’re posting? On this episode of The Wealthy Speaker Show, I am giving you a list of things to contemplate and a bonus worksheet that we’ve created that will help you create social media that aligns with your brand and your integrity.


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Jane Atkinson: Well, welcome everyone to the wealthy speaker podcast we have another quickie podcast for you here today and we're talking about intentional social media for speakers.

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Jane Atkinson: Okay, so let's just say that I am wearing my decision maker hat and i'm out looking for speaker on whatever topic.

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Jane Atkinson: Maybe it's leadership, maybe it's communication, maybe it's happiness in the workplace doesn't matter and I narrow my list to five candidates and then I set my team on it and say okay go and vet these people.

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Jane Atkinson: And what they are going to then do is go through your social media footprint okay like first landing spot might be your website.

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Jane Atkinson: And we look at your video that's how you get on that shortlist in the first place.

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Jane Atkinson: But then, as kind of like a disqualifier we're going to go all the way back, sometimes for years in your social media history and take a look at some of the things that you have talked about why because our goal is to lower our risk.

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Jane Atkinson: When hiring you that's exactly why and so let's say i'm looking at one candidate candidate number three quite seriously, but then somebody.

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Jane Atkinson: unveils a social media argument that they got over with you on Twitter or wherever over you know take your pick of topic, maybe it's the will Smith slap.

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Jane Atkinson: Maybe it's de Santos versus Disneyland maybe it's masks maybe it's an election, maybe it's Elon musk buying Twitter or any any kind of comment or idea or story that you've posted about something that does not align with the topic that you're being hired for.

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Jane Atkinson: What basically people are using this tool for your social media footprint for is to disqualify you now, does that mean that you don't post your heart.

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Jane Atkinson: If it's something that's really important to you.

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Jane Atkinson: You have to say to yourself that's a hill i'm willing to die on if it's something that really important to you if it's something that you really want to stand for.

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Jane Atkinson: then by all means go for it, but just be aware and i've got a worksheet for you that you can download if you go into the show notes for this particular podcast.

00:03:11.340 --> 00:03:22.500
Jane Atkinson: intentional social media for speakers, you can grab it and on over to speaker click on the podcast and you can grab those show notes.

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Jane Atkinson: What I want you to kind of outline is two things, the first chunk is what will I stand for you know, maybe women's reproductive rights is.

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Jane Atkinson: Really really a passion for you and you do not want to see well i'm not even going to say what I want to say, because I don't know if I want to die on that hill So what are you going to stand for and what are your topics that you will avoid.

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Jane Atkinson: You know, maybe there I I feel like almost everything right now is divisive, I think, maybe we can all agree that Russia going into Ukraine is something horrifying and there were all watching it real time.

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Jane Atkinson: But I don't know I don't know I don't even know if that's a topic that safe and so first we're going to have a list of.

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Jane Atkinson: You know topics I what I stand for and then we're going to have a list of topics i'll avoid.

00:04:37.620 --> 00:04:45.090
Jane Atkinson: Now let me give you our six point checklist because I really want you to be thinking about some of these things.

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Jane Atkinson: First of all, let's back it up a little bit and talk about what's the point in social media anyway, if it doesn't all drive back to your thought leadership.

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Jane Atkinson: If you are getting a lot of likes by posting your dinner a picture of your plate which a lot of people and i've seen some pretty amazing meals out there.

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Jane Atkinson: You know, be aware of whether or not this is something that is going to help or hurt your your your expertise and your thought leadership Now let me give you an example.

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Jane Atkinson: I love sales expert colleen Francis and I watched her I traveled with colleen you know kind of threw her all throughout kind of like an African safari.

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Jane Atkinson: And she did post some of the interesting meals, because you know what she's being served in Africa would be very quite unique and did that help or hurt callings.

00:05:54.840 --> 00:06:06.300
Jane Atkinson: expertise in sales, I would say if i'm her client who's about to who's about to maybe higher calling again i'm.

00:06:07.170 --> 00:06:17.880
Jane Atkinson: That I feel closer to her now, so I want you to just kind of think about it as a whole will this post help or hurt my expertise some thought leadership.

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Jane Atkinson: it's just something to think about i'm just giving you food for thought i've been literally in this situation food on the plate for thought.

00:06:26.190 --> 00:06:40.170
Jane Atkinson: here's checklist Item number two so number one is will this post help or hurt my expertise and thought leadership number two is Am I opening a can of worms on a divisive issue.

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Jane Atkinson: Okay, be prepared for what is about to happen earth off comes the lid of the can I have posted on some things that I almost immediately regret it.

00:06:58.200 --> 00:07:06.510
Jane Atkinson: Because of some of the things that were coming out in the thread, all under my brand.

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Jane Atkinson: And you know, one of them i'll talk about it a little bit here because I never did I thought about doing a podcast on it and then my team was like not too hot was the will slip the will Smith slap.

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Jane Atkinson: OK, so my husband and I just finished reading his book or listening to his book, I should say, I think it was like 16 hours on audible and I had posted about that book it's called will on.

00:07:39.690 --> 00:07:59.400
Jane Atkinson: instagram and said this was one of the best produced audio books ever there was music on it, he played parts on it, you know did voices, it was it was just the most fantastic book ever.

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Jane Atkinson: And so, because we had had kind of a little bit of insight into him and his was will Smith wrong for doing what you did of course he was there's no debating that.

00:08:13.350 --> 00:08:16.950
Jane Atkinson: But I posted that I.

00:08:18.330 --> 00:08:27.330
Jane Atkinson: One of the big regrets of his life, which is what takes up like the first, third of the book is that he regretted never.

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Jane Atkinson: Helping his mom overcome abuse from his father, he never intervene and he called himself a coward.

00:08:38.130 --> 00:08:48.210
Jane Atkinson: And so, this was my kind of idea was that he you know he laughed at the joke he looked at jaden he saw the look on her face.

00:08:48.600 --> 00:08:57.510
Jane Atkinson: And something happened, and he snapped right and all the way back to his childhood not protecting his mom etc, etc, this was my philosophy on that.

00:08:57.960 --> 00:09:10.410
Jane Atkinson: And so I posted it and almost immediately regretted it, I had to actually turn off comments on it, because people number one we're so divided on it.

00:09:10.980 --> 00:09:18.060
Jane Atkinson: And I wasn't certainly justifying anything that he had done it just felt like it got ugly.

00:09:18.480 --> 00:09:36.450
Jane Atkinson: And so was that something that was good or bad for my brand probably wasn't helpful, but I know many of you posted about it as well, and probably felt like you had unleashed a can of worms on a divisive issue that was.

00:09:37.290 --> 00:09:49.170
Jane Atkinson: That was really surprised me how divisive, it was so, then the next piece of the checklist so number one will this post help or hurt my expertise and thought leadership.

00:09:49.530 --> 00:10:04.290
Jane Atkinson: Number 2am I opening a can of worms on a divisive issue number three is it worth it, you might for that one i'm gonna say no, that wasn't worth it, I didn't I felt like he afterwards.

00:10:05.610 --> 00:10:12.930
Jane Atkinson: So for me it was that was a know for many of you who posted you might have been yeah that was totally worth it okay.

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Jane Atkinson: Now checklist Item number four is does this post align with my brand and I will say that the jayne atkinson slash a speaker launcher slash the wealthy speaker school brand.

00:10:30.930 --> 00:10:38.130
Jane Atkinson: we pride ourselves on putting positive things out into the world.

00:10:39.210 --> 00:10:50.340
Jane Atkinson: And so maybe I thought I was doing the right thing, but doing that, but had I looked at my checklist I may not, I may have backed it up and my team, I wanted to do a podcast about it.

00:10:51.090 --> 00:11:02.490
Jane Atkinson: And my team shut that down because it wasn't worth it, it, although I think, maybe you know my angle on it did align with my brand.

00:11:03.690 --> 00:11:06.780
Jane Atkinson: Now let me give you number five.

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Jane Atkinson: Okay number four is does this post align with my brand number 5am I just venting or bitching about something.

00:11:17.970 --> 00:11:19.500
Jane Atkinson: Now that may be your brand.

00:11:21.210 --> 00:11:25.680
Jane Atkinson: People may have come to expect that from you.

00:11:26.760 --> 00:11:39.600
Jane Atkinson: And if that's the case okay perfectly in line, but if you are a motivational speaker whose job is to make people feel good.

00:11:40.740 --> 00:11:50.250
Jane Atkinson: Then you need to give some thought to whether or not you are going to hit the publish on the post or not.

00:11:51.060 --> 00:12:09.270
Jane Atkinson: See the whole the the the important word in the title of this is intentional, what is your intention and I just want to kind of circle back to that and make sure that everybody is posting with intention.

00:12:10.440 --> 00:12:16.830
Jane Atkinson: Am I just venting or bitching about something what's my intention here that's really where that's going.

00:12:18.840 --> 00:12:28.560
Jane Atkinson: The last point on the checklist Am I putting something into the world that aligns with who I am.

00:12:29.970 --> 00:12:35.490
Jane Atkinson: Am I putting something into the world that aligns with who I am.

00:12:36.630 --> 00:12:38.010
Jane Atkinson: something to think about.

00:12:39.270 --> 00:12:47.190
Jane Atkinson: Does it align with kind of who, I am as a human being, and when I see social injustice.

00:12:48.300 --> 00:13:00.420
Jane Atkinson: I talked about in the blog post that I did on this that during the black lives matter movement, I did a podcast with Orlando bowen.

00:13:01.380 --> 00:13:15.150
Jane Atkinson: And Orlando, who had had a run in with some corrupt police officers and I remember him talking to me I don't know if it made the podcast but at one point.

00:13:15.600 --> 00:13:26.970
Jane Atkinson: He talked to me about when he was in jail, he looked at the people who were there with him and I think there was somebody there, who also didn't belong in jail.

00:13:27.960 --> 00:13:54.960
Jane Atkinson: That he would have had no means because he was new to the country, he would have had nobody to call and no money to hire a lawyer and nothing to fight any kind of injustice with and I thought that story it's landed with me now Okay, so I put out this podcast.

00:13:55.980 --> 00:14:08.250
Jane Atkinson: talking to Orlando about his story, and of course I have police officers in my family and so that is a divisive issue right.

00:14:08.850 --> 00:14:18.840
Jane Atkinson: But here's the thing I really prefaced it by saying look my my niece is a police officer and she is a fantastic human being.

00:14:19.230 --> 00:14:28.860
Jane Atkinson: And a fantastic police officer and many of you likely have the same people in your family.

00:14:29.250 --> 00:14:44.700
Jane Atkinson: Who, you know are good COPs they're doing a good job out there, but there is that small percentage out there, that is not you know, is part of the reason why the whole black lives matter movement got started.

00:14:45.360 --> 00:14:56.010
Jane Atkinson: And so, that was a hell, I was willing to die on because it was a social justice issue and and I have to tell you.

00:14:57.360 --> 00:15:08.760
Jane Atkinson: that a lot has changed, for me, even in just thinking about who do I have on the podcast somebody called me out and said.

00:15:09.840 --> 00:15:16.380
Jane Atkinson: I had done a post I had done some my Tuesday blog post.

00:15:16.890 --> 00:15:26.160
Jane Atkinson: And that that particular Tuesday happened to be a day when social media was supposed to be quiet in support of black lives matter.

00:15:26.370 --> 00:15:38.970
Jane Atkinson: And somebody called me out on it and said, you know, and I said i'm sorry I didn't get the memo I didn't actually know about this idea can't remember what that part of the movement was called in, but she did say.

00:15:40.110 --> 00:15:48.150
Jane Atkinson: is something that just triggered me to look back at the lineup of guests, I had had.

00:15:49.050 --> 00:16:00.900
Jane Atkinson: On the podcast and I realized that I had not been conscious I hadn't been intentional about having more people of.

00:16:01.530 --> 00:16:13.710
Jane Atkinson: Other than me, you know middle aged white woman other people who weren't like me on the show, and I have made a very concerted effort to change that and i'm hoping you all have seen that.

00:16:15.180 --> 00:16:22.290
Jane Atkinson: Now there was another place that i've recognized the same thing it went without thought.

00:16:23.370 --> 00:16:35.580
Jane Atkinson: Probably like 10 years ago it was maybe 15 or 20 years ago that I wrote the wealthy speaker, the first version, and then I rewrote it for the wealthy speaker 2.0.

00:16:35.910 --> 00:16:46.170
Jane Atkinson: And I recognize that I didn't give any thought as to who stories, I was telling when I did the success stories portion of.

00:16:46.560 --> 00:17:00.780
Jane Atkinson: The book, and so I will be rewriting that book the wealthy speaker 3.0 i'm hoping will come out in the fall and i'll be rewriting it this summer, for that exact reason.

00:17:01.470 --> 00:17:17.550
Jane Atkinson: know just we evolve as human beings, and we need to you know I like being able to involve evolve in front of your eyes and I hope that you're doing it in front of your clients eyes.

00:17:18.240 --> 00:17:31.980
Jane Atkinson: And that we are putting out into the world things that support our viewpoints and we are standing up for what we really believe in OK so.

00:17:33.810 --> 00:17:37.980
Jane Atkinson: The word intention is the most important.

00:17:39.060 --> 00:17:39.840
Jane Atkinson: word here.

00:17:41.250 --> 00:17:55.410
Jane Atkinson: Okay, so make sure you go in to the show notes and grab our six point worksheet we also have a little editorial calendar at the bottom of that worksheet.

00:17:55.860 --> 00:18:04.470
Jane Atkinson: Because having kind of like a topic of the month, can be incredibly helpful when it comes to posting on social media if you're kind of.

00:18:04.950 --> 00:18:18.450
Jane Atkinson: laying out all of the things that you could write and talk about and then map out month by month which ones you're going to cover, I think that gives you more intention and that's what this is all about now.

00:18:19.920 --> 00:18:29.550
Jane Atkinson: As you all have known from listening to this podcast some of you, for years, some of you perhaps are new if so welcome Thank you all for joining us.

00:18:30.750 --> 00:18:39.570
Jane Atkinson: there's something that we don't typically do, and that is promote we top and tail our our.

00:18:40.140 --> 00:18:48.360
Jane Atkinson: podcast with things that say come on over and take a look at what we've got but we don't typically spend a lot of time, promoting something.

00:18:49.170 --> 00:19:17.850
Jane Atkinson: Today, I just want to give you a couple of minutes on something cool that has just happened over here at the wealthy speaker school, so we have been evolving our offering for probably the last two years, and we continue to simplify and simplify and simplify and simplify and the team.

00:19:18.990 --> 00:19:37.410
Jane Atkinson: And I have like what do we do, how can we make this the easiest most valuable yet irresistible offer that people could possibly have, and I think we finally nailed it, I think we have finally come to a place.

00:19:38.010 --> 00:19:52.410
Jane Atkinson: That I feel like there is nobody out there who can offer you something have better quality at a lesser price Okay, so let me lay it out for you.

00:19:53.490 --> 00:20:08.280
Jane Atkinson: We have the wealthy speaker school inside the school, there is a course called ready aim fire which you all kind of have heard me talk about ready aim fire and all of the things that are in there, there are.

00:20:09.960 --> 00:20:24.390
Jane Atkinson: 15 lessons in ready 25 lessons I think in aim in and another 15 in fire, so a significant number of short bite size lessons inside our online course.

00:20:24.810 --> 00:20:36.150
Jane Atkinson: But what was happening was when people would go through the course by themselves, they would have questions, and so we developed also the wealthy speaker community.

00:20:36.780 --> 00:20:45.180
Jane Atkinson: And we used to price them separately but guess what we have gone so streamlined and so simple on this.

00:20:45.660 --> 00:20:59.850
Jane Atkinson: That today we're now offering everything that's inside of our schools, so all of the lessons in the course all of the worksheets we have a 77 page worksheet we're workbook with.

00:21:00.270 --> 00:21:17.430
Jane Atkinson: worksheets on all kinds of things templates for agreements and emails and things like that really show you exactly how to get booked all of the things from the beginning, all the way through to actually booking the business and.

00:21:18.570 --> 00:21:25.650
Jane Atkinson: Inside the course we also have a whole bunch of masters classes, that we sell for $500.

00:21:26.790 --> 00:21:30.150
Jane Atkinson: And the team and I came up with this idea.

00:21:31.260 --> 00:21:44.280
Jane Atkinson: That said, look we're just going to simplify it we're going to make it a no brainer for $197 per month, you can come in, and you can stay for as many months, as you want.

00:21:44.760 --> 00:21:56.880
Jane Atkinson: You can leave anytime for $197 per month you're going to get the course you're going to get the worksheets you're going to get the Masters classes and.

00:21:57.270 --> 00:22:05.760
Jane Atkinson: you're going to get our entire Community, and all of the group coaching that goes on every month we usually do at least six sometimes seven.

00:22:06.240 --> 00:22:17.280
Jane Atkinson: coaching calls per month with our group on all different topics we have ready aim and fire topics and then we have war masters level things with me.

00:22:18.630 --> 00:22:19.230
Jane Atkinson: I.

00:22:20.310 --> 00:22:29.460
Jane Atkinson: I mean 197 a month is something that you know the team resisted for a while, are you sure, do you really want to give it away.

00:22:30.090 --> 00:22:44.940
Jane Atkinson: And number one, we have a motto over here that we don't make decisions based on fear, but number two if somebody comes in, and they don't see $200 worth of value in that first month then okay that's fine they can go.

00:22:45.930 --> 00:22:57.360
Jane Atkinson: But I think that if we just focus on giving our school students value more value more value, and we have pop up classes.

00:22:57.720 --> 00:23:13.140
Jane Atkinson: Every month we do a lot actually on mindset, these days, and I feel like that is what's going to make everybody show unstoppable that's what's giving us the results inside the school with and and it's bringing people to actually.

00:23:14.370 --> 00:23:20.910
Jane Atkinson: booking more business for themselves, we have a member named chrissy who just posted on social media.

00:23:21.390 --> 00:23:44.520
Jane Atkinson: That in all of last year, he booked 18 speeches and in the first quarter of this year, he booked I think it was 18 or 19 speeches and so that those are the kinds of results that we are getting in side the wealthy speaker school so okay we're unleashing it.

00:23:45.630 --> 00:23:46.680
Jane Atkinson: check out.

00:23:48.000 --> 00:24:02.610
Jane Atkinson: drop us a line Jane at speaker or go on over to wealthy speaker school COM I don't even know if we have the offer updated over there, yet I think we do I mean it's so fresh and brand new and off the presses that.

00:24:03.450 --> 00:24:16.350
Jane Atkinson: I think we have the whole back end setup, but please be our beta tester, let us know 197 a month for everything that we do over here in the wealthy speaker school.

00:24:16.860 --> 00:24:27.690
Jane Atkinson: i'm telling you right now there's nothing better out there there's no way all right that's it for me thank you all for listening i'll see you soon all the speakers bye for now.


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