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[Podcast] The Journey to A Million Dollar Speaking Business with Ryan Estis (Part 1)

million dollar speaking business

Do you wonder what the journey to a million dollar speaking business looks like and what it takes to achieve?

In this week’s podcast, we are joined by professional speaker Ryan Estis, who does about 80 live events per year and has a $1M as a speaking business, to learn just that!

In 2009, Ryan abruptly left his successful existing career in sales and marketing to launch his own business as a consultant and speaker. But it was before this that he took the first steps to building a successful speaking business by going to a NSA meeting to enhance his existing public speaking skills and then hiring a coach.

That was his start. And during this 40-minute podcast Ryan shares with us his journey from that point to now, including:

  • How he made the decision to go from corporate professional to professional speaker
  • How he built up his entrepreneurial muscle to survive building a business during a recession
  • How he built up confidence and focus during the early days to move past fear
  • How he went from never saying ‘no’ to an event to now having control over his calendar
  • How he finds balance to keep himself physically, mentally and emotionally healthy so he can best serve his audiences
  • How he views speaking fees and how to increase them
  • How his team plays into his success and what roles they fill
  • How he used all the mistakes he made along the way to find greater success – both professionally and personally

For those of you who are looking to uplevel your speaking business, you will find an amazing amount of useful tidbits and a lot of inspiration in this podcast.

Click below to listen to the full podcast.

Podcast Resources:

You can view more about Ryan Estis and his business on his website.

You can connect socially with Ryan on Twitter and Facebook.

Learn more about the The Wealthy Speaker Daily Success Planner and Journal.

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