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How Do you Measure an Epic Keynote?

It’s so nice when we get feedback from people.  Just today, I had an email from a fan who said “because of your ‘Phrase That Pays’ idea from The Epic Keynote, I got my first standing ovation.”  Sweet!

A standing ovation might be one way to determine if your keynote was epic…. what are some other ways to measure it?

Here are 3 quick tips:

1.  An epic keynote promotes conversation. People talk about it for months and often years afterwards. No doubt some of you have received emails from audience members from speeches that took place years prior?

2.  You remember a story.  Do any of you remember Joe Calloway’s McDonald’s story?  He told it to us again last weekend during our Masters retreat.  Clients are asking for that story (and sometimes demanding that he tell it) years later.  It’s an epic story.

3.  There’s a common thread.  Sometimes, there is some language that, like glue, holds a speech together. Like MLK’s “I have a Dream” speech.  He teed  up the idea at the beginning and then sprinkled it throughout.  In The Epic Keynote, Doug Stevenson calls this a Phrase That Pays.  When you can leave your audience with one line that promotes action, that’s one more step on the path to epic.

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Have you got some ideas on delivering epic? Please share here on our blog….

See you soon Wealthy Speakers!

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