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Mining for Business with Jane Atkinson

Mining for Business with Jane Atkinson
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Quote: “Your Promise Statement is something that goes front and center on your home page and really allows people to see within 5 seconds how you are going to help them solve their problem.” Jane Atkinson 

Generally, business doesn’t come knocking on your door, especially when you’re just getting started. It’s important for us to put a concerted effort into finding new clients and getting booked. I thought this was a great topic to revisit and share some bite-sized ideas in a quickie podcast, so on this episode of The Wealthy Speaker Show, I am going to talk about some strategies that can help.

We’re going to take a peek at the Ready, Aim, Launch outline as well as some tips to tweak your promise statement, make sure you’re narrow enough in your lane, and some outbound marketing strategies.


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Jane Atkinson: you're going to do, and don't be afraid to release things that you don't think are I have been in massive release mode of laughing because I have released clubhouse. Thank you. Not for me Wasn't rewarding or getting business. I have released Linkedin lives. We were doing them every Thursday for a period of time. Didn't see a lot of traction there. Thank you. Next

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Jane Atkinson: I have released. Ah, we actually were doing. We blogged over here for probably ten years of blogging. There's a ton of content over at Speaker Launcher Com. If you want to go a search in the blog. But we're gonna switch over to video and do logging from here forward because I think i'm just a little bit burnt out on writing.

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Jane Atkinson: So, releasing something live events. I started to go down the road of doing a live event this November, and when I really stopped to analyze it, hey? Our live events have never been profitable. Other people would do them properly, but I don't seem to be able to, and it felt like it was going to be this real uphol battle of the bums and seats. And I thought, Why, okay, it's all

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Jane Atkinson: the book launch. I have other things to bigger fish to fry. We just cancel that as well. So I mean, basically what I think I'm telling you. If you're brand new to the scene,

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Jane Atkinson: try things and see if you love them because doing them for five and ten years. You're going to need that love for it, and it might be that you do blog for five years, and then don't do it anymore.

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Jane Atkinson: Just really be aware of where your audience is bringing you a lot of feedback. And for me it's. You listeners who have been listening to the podcast for a long time that have been bringing me a lot of feedback.

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Jane Atkinson: Okay,

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Jane Atkinson: so let's say, if you're new on the scene. I have a couple of people in mind right now who have been out kind of planting seeds and about the nine-month mark. They're starting to see some traction,

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Jane Atkinson: and they are starving to see them find themselves, and i'm watching them on social media, and they're talking about me at the airport, so I know they're out speaking, so I know that it's working. I would say that most of my clients

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Jane Atkinson: are maybe a little bit surprised, and how much work and time it takes to really start to build that traction.

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Jane Atkinson: We don't Ah paint any rosy picture of a million dollars in the first year over here at the wealthy Speaker School. We're very ah realistic about what's possible. If you have built other businesses, I think you're going to find this is a little bit a little bit easier for you, because you can just transfer all your skills and knowledge

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Jane Atkinson: over. But if you're coming from scratch, and you've never been an entrepreneur before. Give yourself some grace and expect a learning curve inside the wealthy speaker. Three. I reiterate again that it's a three year. It takes three years to really launch and see a driving business. You're going to need to go through all of the different phases and one of the basis that you may decide to do if you're new in the industry is the rubber chicken circuit,

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Jane Atkinson: which is where you'll go out and speak to anyone who will Listen now. My suggestion is that you do that very strategically. Let's say you've decided that your people are going to be.

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Jane Atkinson: I don't know insurance and real estate, and if insurance and real estate are your people, then let's go. Do our freebies at that local Real Estate Association Monthly meeting at the Local Insurance association of a premium. That's where we want to be seen, because those are our people. Okay, so be strategic. When you're getting on, call it the rubber chicken circuit, because the hotel chicken used to be recovery.

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Jane Atkinson: But luckily for you, it's come a long way, baby, and really the hotel lunches are quite delicious. Now, I think I mean I don't know maybe a foodie, which is

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Jane Atkinson: for those of you who have been around for a while. Here's what I want to say. When we start in launch mode

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Jane Atkinson: we always start warm. Think of it like kind of like a bullseye target practice type thing. We start with that bullseye, the warm group of people who already know like and trust you first and then ring. Number one is target market number one, ring, number two, etcetera target number two.

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Jane Atkinson: So

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Jane Atkinson: don't forget if you've been doing business for a while to continually circle back to the people who already know like and trust you, and if you can go back to them with something fresh and new, you know there's all this top on the horizon about geez all kinds of things. There's talk of

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Jane Atkinson: recession. If you can say you know how to

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Jane Atkinson: how to do this, how to solve this problem, even in a recession. Maybe that's a new talk title that you can take back to people who have already hired you if you can help. I mean, I hear on one hand I hear layoffs, and then on another hand, I hear staffing shortages, so I don't even know what to believe anymore in terms of what's going on out there in terms of workforce. But there, there's a problem that's hit the Wall Street Journal in the last

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Jane Atkinson: a few months. Then you could be addressing that and taking a new talk title out to your target market. Now, please know I am not saying it has to be outside of your realm of expertise. No, No, no, I'm saying massage your expertise to fit with what's going on in the headlines today. Okay,

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Jane Atkinson: float an idea. Flow to talk title, and if you send it out to one hundred people and nobody bites on the top title. Then you'll know. Okay, Maybe I need to go back with something else, or Maybe I need to try a second round and see if I get any traction from that.

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Jane Atkinson: Or maybe I need to change it and come back with something new.

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Jane Atkinson: Okay.

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Jane Atkinson: So basically your talk titles, I think, can be fluid, and they can allow you to be. And it's not like you're changing your talk entirely every time you're basically taking whatever's in the headlines today, and you're massaging your existing talk

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Jane Atkinson: to make that relevant to whoever's on the buying end.

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Jane Atkinson: I think,

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Jane Atkinson: when you are in launch mode, really making sure that you start with Who's in your circle? I have a new client right now, and she has, I think it's thirty or forty thousand followers on Instagram.

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Jane Atkinson: And ah, well, we're going to use that. We're going to be starting more with the people who already know, like, and trust her and say, Hey, I have something new. I'm cutting, speaking to the mix. Can you help me? And it's not that we want to ask people once. Can you help me? We actually want to ask them like three times, because number one, they don't get it sometimes. Number two. They didn't hear it or digest it.

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Jane Atkinson: And we just need to remind people. I think it's the second and third emails that really grab people's attention and they recognize. Oh, yeah, actually, I've been thinking about this, and I do know of someone who could use your services. So be aware of starting very, very warm when you go into launch

00:18:34.730 --> 00:18:37.410
Jane Atkinson: working your way out.

00:18:37.620 --> 00:18:44.190
Jane Atkinson: So that's it for me on mining your business. I think that

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Jane Atkinson: what's really important about mining for business is just being out there and doing your outreach consistently.

00:18:57.770 --> 00:19:13.600
Jane Atkinson: Don't forget that one email does not make a test. Okay, three emails, four emails, five emails. We've heard in the sales that you know It's like the twelfth touch that people actually buy on and gosh! I hope it doesn't take that long. But

00:19:13.760 --> 00:19:24.059
Jane Atkinson: just be out there and be consistently showing up with the value, with the problem that you can help solve.

00:19:24.120 --> 00:19:35.160
Jane Atkinson: Be constantly feeding the world value, and I think that you will find that your mining for business becomes much, much easier.

00:19:35.170 --> 00:19:54.410
Jane Atkinson: So stay tuned. We have some very, very exciting things happening at the wealthy Speaker School coming up this fall the launch of the wealthy speaker. Three book. I cannot wait. If you read any of the earlier versions,

00:19:54.420 --> 00:20:14.190
Jane Atkinson: I do not think that you don't need this book because it is entirely new and updated. We did over two hundred updates in the last version, and this one has been like almost a complete rewrite. So just know that you're going to want to pick up the wealthy speaker.

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Jane Atkinson: All right, everybody. Thank you so much for tuning in, and we'll see you soon. Want these speakers, bye, for now.

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