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[Podcast] Reinventing Your Brand to Hit Next Level Revenue with Michael Hoffman

michael hoffman reinventing your brand

Many of you may know Michael Hoffman. He’s a great friend and resource of The Speaker Launcher site, sharing with us his wealthy tips on How to Go Deeper with Clients and How to Let the Audience Speak for You.┬áMichael has been in the speaking business for over 20 years and speaks and educates people on how to ignite the customer service experience.

While Michael has had an incredibly successful speaking business, 90 percent of which is repeat and referral business, he has never, as he says it, “busted through the ceiling.” Why? Because while he has many ‘ducks’ (team, products, topics, etc.) in his business, he has never gotten them all in a row.

In this podcast, Michael shares with us how he’s gotten to where he is today and why this is the time for him to reinvent his brand so he can hit the next level. He shares the importance of picking a lane, going through a personal transformation and rethinking everything that he’s doing to get laser focused so that he has more clarity around his brand. A clarity that has him writing his first book, Own It, which is due out the Fall of 2017.

Not only is this an unbelievably informative podcast, it’s filled with inspiration…and lots of laughs!

Podcast Resources:

Connect with Michael Hoffman on his website.

Check out ‘Cuppa Hoff’ – Michael’s Online Training Program

You can connect socially with Michael on Twitter and Facebook.

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