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The Professional Speaker’s 2022 Action Checklist for Getting Paid to Speak

The Professional Speaker’s 2022 Action Checklist for Getting Paid to Speak Final Social Image

2022 has the potential to be a banner year for many people who are looking to get paid to speak. But, if you want to get paid, you’ve got to have all the right pieces in place to fully optimize your speaking business. So, to help you reach your potential in 2022, we’ve put together this action checklist for you to follow.

Although many areas are still fighting COVID variants, professional speakers have opportunities everywhere. You just need to keep your eyes open.

And when those opportunities arise, we want to make sure you are well-positioned to get the business. So, to take advantage of the opportunities ahead, let’s map out your 2022 action item checklist and make sure that you are taking steps in the right direction to get paid to speak!

12 Action Items for Professional Speakers who Want to Get Paid to Speak

Below we’ve laid out twelve areas that you need to concentrate on and finesse if you want to position yourself in the market to book more speaking gigs that pay.

Action Items for Public Speakers who Want to Get Paid to Speak


First – let’s touch on the basics. These are foundational elements that you need to have to market yourself effectively.

I have picked my lane (topic).
I know what my promise statement is (marketing message, unique selling proposition).
I’ve identified my target audience and am clear on how I can help them.
My website is optimized and shows people immediately how I’m going to help them solve a problem.
My fees and packages are in place, written down, and I quote them with consistency.


Now, let’s check in on the various elements you need to do consistently if you want to get paid to speak. These activities will increase your trustworthiness with prospects and clients and help you build more solid relationships. You might have a few more items on your list but here are some basics.

I reach out to ___ new prospects each week.
I post on social media _____ times each month.
I provide valuable content to my email mail list ___ times per month.
I follow up leads immediately after speaking engagements.


Professional Speaker's Action Checklist for Getting Paid to Speak - DOWNLOAD


Finally, let’s make sure that you have functioning systems in place to effectively handle new speaking engagements.

My systems are in place to manage and follow up leads from first contact to contract.
My systems are in place to get proposals out the door quickly and to follow up.
My systems are in place for moving through a gig from beginning to end, including billing, aftercare, and testimonials from clients.

The Public Speaker’s 2022 Action Checklist for Getting Paid to Speak Quote

Whether building your foundations, consistent outreach, or fine-tuning your systems, getting your checklist in order will be essential for success in 2022. Click HERE to download the checklist and keep in on your desk to ensure you aren’t forgetting to keep your speaking business fine-tuned and ready!

If you need help with any of the above, I hope you will reach out to us and book a chat with our team to see how we might show you the roadmap to achieving your goals in 2022. 

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