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Turning Uncertainty into Opportunity in the Speaking Business

Turning Uncertainty into Opportunity in the Speaking Business 1200 x 1200

The world is full of uncertainty. COVID-19 and its variants have taught us that lesson well over the last two years. But one thing we’ve all seen is that business will go on in one form or another. So let’s talk about how to build on opportunities to build your speaking business.

I wasn’t taking the new variant from South Africa very seriously until I saw what it did to the stock markets. Although many organizations and conferences are “business as usual”, I think some cautious optimism and planning could be smart. It could position us for additional opportunities!

So, how do we unlock new opportunities? Here are a few tips to consider:

#1: Our Experience

We’ve been here before. We have learned what to do and what not to do when the worst-case scenario occurs. It’s important that we learn from the past and move into a potentially uncertain time with a different outlook. Let’s do that by avoiding any fear-based decision-making.

How to Build on Opportunities to Grow Your Speaking Business Income fearful decision

If we go into another difficult phase, I will not be making my decisions from a place of fear.  In early 2020, I told my husband I thought we needed to sell our house – a decision totally motivated by fear.  After several very stressful days in our marriage, I finally remembered that I don’t make decisions out of fear and withdrew the idea, much to my husband’s relief. Neither of us was ready to downsize just yet! 

What I also remembered was that people needed my offerings more than ever, which really helped me turn a corner in my mindset and confidence.

We all had our confidence “shook” in early 2020, let’s learn from that and move forward!  Let’s plan what thoughts we’re going to have in advance and be intentional when our resilience is tested.  

Perhaps your resilient thought is “I’ve got this, I have exactly what they need right now”.

#2: Their Experience

We also have to remember that our clients have been here before as well.  If they have to move to remote working, they will. If they need to take their events virtual, they will.  They know how to pull this off now.  

How to Build on Opportunities to Grow Your Speaking Business Income their experience

And we as speakers know how to help make their conferences special no matter how they play.

#3: We are Equipped

The majority of my clients, and I’m assuming you readers, have gotten set up for virtual presentations and some of you are taking time this holiday season to upgrade and take it to the next level. This is exactly what is needed. 

Continue to work towards providing clients with the best experience you can so that you will be positioned beautifully for what’s to come. Virtual is not going away any time soon.

#4: There is Opportunity

What kind of opportunities come when meetings get pulled back? Well, companies know that they cannot put off their initiatives and training, they know that the show must go on. So if/when they take to virtual, you’ll be prepared.  

How to Build on Opportunities to Grow Your Speaking Business Income presentation

But I would suggest taking it beyond the one-off presentation and see whether or not there is an opportunity for you to do more. What does that look like?

When you start to ask your client questions about why they wanted to talk to you, why they wanted your topic – it may turn out that one virtual keynote is not going to solve their problem. So offer up some longer-term solutions.  

What if you worked with them for a year?

What if you provided them with multiple deep dive learnings?

What if you coached their executives?

What if everyone read your book?

When you talk to the right people and offer up solutions to their problems, you might just be turning a $7,500 one-off engagement into a $30,000 package that helps to solve a problem. Don’t be afraid to ask your clients the right questions. This is exactly how you turn uncertainty into opportunity.

No matter what happens in the next few months, when you have your mindset moving towards intentional thoughts and have your virtual studio set up for success, you will be positioned to take advantage of tomorrow’s opportunities.

I’ll see you soon Wealthy Speakers.

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