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Reinventing Your Business with Dan Miller

Reinventing Your Business with Jane Atkinson and Dan Miller
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Quote: “I don’t want to find one thing that works and expect to do it for the next 20 years. I like something that works for two years, and I know I’ll be tweaking and adjusting it in some way.” Dan Miller

Are you completely happy with your business? What changes have you made in the past couple of years, and are they working for you? On this episode of The Wealthy Speaker Show, we’re thrilled to welcome back Business Expert Dan Miller to talk about how he approaches assessing his business annually to continuously create the work and life he loves.

Dan is the President of 48 Days LLC and specializes in creative thinking for increased personal and business success. He believes that meaningful work blends our natural skills and abilities, our unique personality traits and our dreams and passions. Dan is active in helping individuals redirect careers, evaluate new income sources, and achieve balanced living.

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Jane Atkinson: Well, welcome everyone to the wealthy speaker podcast i'm your host jayne atkinson today i'd like to talk to you about building the business of your dreams, we have the amazing Dan will Miller, with us welcome Dan Miller.

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Dan Miller: Thank you so much Jane i'm looking forward to our conversation, as always.

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Jane Atkinson: I find your voice very soothing Dan i'm so happy to have you back on the show now.

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Jane Atkinson: We want it to get this discussion going with you because your book is called 48 days to the work you love brilliant title it's worked tell us the premise of this book, what does it really mean the work you love.

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Dan Miller: What it means is the core concept is simply look internally first.

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Dan Miller: You know how has God uniquely gifted you and then what could that look like on Monday morning in terms of work that is meaning meaningful purposeful and profitable.

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Dan Miller: So many people look just at external circumstances.

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Dan Miller: gee you know uncle Harry made a lot of money, working in a coal mine I guess i'll do that they look or they have parental expectations, do you Daddy was a doctor, so I guess I need to be one mom was a nurse I need to do.

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Dan Miller: And so they look at external things and all of a sudden, then they knock on my door when there's 45 years old and say I think i'm living somebody else's dream not my own.

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Dan Miller: yeah that's the.

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Jane Atkinson: Common isn't that good is.

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Jane Atkinson: kind of almost get into the the river of life and we don't ever think to Bach the current.

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Jane Atkinson: We just go with the flow and then all of a sudden, you wake up and you're 50 years old and you're not happy, and I would suspect that many of our listeners, who are professional speakers.

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Jane Atkinson: have evaluated and re evaluated yourself included over the past well three years for sure, with coven but for you, it goes back just a little bit further.

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Jane Atkinson: Talk about what happened, four years ago in your business, you were bringing large groups to you down in Tennessee and tell us about that business model what it looks like and then let's hear what's going on in your world today.

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Dan Miller: No absolutely and what i'm going to share just reminds me again and all of us that we can't get just complacent and what we're doing.

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Dan Miller: Change is going to occur, whether we initiate it or it comes from another source, so we had a beautiful place in Tennessee.

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Dan Miller: And we had on our property this old barn that we had converted and we called it, the sanctuary and we had in their space for 60 people really.

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Dan Miller: Pack them in shoulder to shoulder, and then as quarters my office we're in this old barn so we had events there coaching with excellence, right to the bank innovate.

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Dan Miller: teaching people how to take ideas and really turn them into reality had been doing it for 12 years there and then there was a wonderful article that appeared on the front page that nashville Tennessee and on a Sunday.

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Dan Miller: And it showed this beautiful place we had and how I turned it into a retreat Center somebody in our county saw that.

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Dan Miller: And said you can't do that you are not zone to have live public events on your property they came out.

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Dan Miller: And i'm in the codes director was extremely harsh his recommendation was that we bulldoze the building because.

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Dan Miller: Not only was it not zoned our property for events, but the building wasn't properly permitted that people in it either, so it started this chain of events that really changed how we were doing business this were very profitable for me.

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Dan Miller: And all of a sudden.

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Dan Miller: We couldn't do them at all, so what we started doing was immediately started looking for What could we do.

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Dan Miller: That would still allow people to get together if not in the same room at least some kind of connection where we could share ideas and resources encourage each other to each other on we started an online community.

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Dan Miller: So that was in.

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Dan Miller: That was in 2008 we started that well guess what happened two years later, all of a sudden coven hit.

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Dan Miller: yeah in in February of 2020 everybody that had a live event scheduled was told in one way or another, you can't do this anymore, we were perfectly positioned for that.

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Dan Miller: So what it seemed to be just a really frustrating experience turned out to.

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Dan Miller: cause us to explore some options ahead of the game, so we really benefited from that whole surge because it was clear than two years ago, so many people were looking for connection points, and so our online Community really thrived and continues to do so.

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Jane Atkinson: that's so beautiful Now I want to just back up a separate to further because you came to me at one point for.

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Jane Atkinson: One of my masterminds thinking that hey I want to get out and speak and travel and get all over the place and halfway or three quarters of the way through you actually changed your mind and said hey wait a second sadly not what I want talk us through that Do you remember that.

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Dan Miller: He certainly do.

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Dan Miller: Remember, like it was yesterday.

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Dan Miller: Because, yes, I had had some success in speaking engagements request, and so I thought i'm you're only going to ramp this up mean easy peasy just go run a country and stand up and talk and get paid for it, how cool is that.

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Dan Miller: And I discovered real quickly in the process.

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Dan Miller: I really like being on our farm there in Tennessee I didn't enjoy airports and hotels, but what you helped me do and it's still your model to get clarity choose your lane in a ready aim fire.

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Dan Miller: That you're so good at.

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Dan Miller: It did that, but what I did was discovered that I could share my message in multiple ways, not just being on a stage there again that preparation prepared me well for this last three years that we've had.

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Dan Miller: Where a lot of people were challenged if that was the focus of their business model is you know well, better than I.

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Dan Miller: But I simply took my message I said Okay, I know what my message is, I have a core message, but.

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Dan Miller: I can do that in ways speaking, is one of them, and it still is, but I can also have an online Community I can have a mastermind I can write and create content there I can do, coaching in multiple forms.

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Dan Miller: I can consult with businesses and where most of that is done virtually so it's been those things that I have crafted and put together the venn diagram of those things that fit together really well.

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Dan Miller: it's always evolving, I mean I love that as an entrepreneur I love that.

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Dan Miller: I don't want to find one thing that works and expect to do it, you know for the next 20 years.

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Jane Atkinson: I have.

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Dan Miller: Something that works for two years.

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Dan Miller: And I know i'm going to be tweaking it or adjusted in some way.

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Jane Atkinson: Nice nice so curious if you're anything like me, I have now looked over and i'm actually starting to drop things.

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Jane Atkinson: off of my umbrella my business model because I recognized that I had over complicated.

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Jane Atkinson: My business Dan Have you ever felt that way, have you ever thought hey wait a second we're a little too complex over here let's let that go and focus more energy in another direction or are you just still in this building mode.

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Dan Miller: know I love, looking at the everything that I do is on the bubble, particularly at the end of the year in October of my goals set by November 15.

00:07:51.360 --> 00:07:52.800
Dan Miller: In that period of time.

00:07:53.040 --> 00:08:05.910
Dan Miller: i'm also going to ruthlessly eliminate 15% of what i've been doing, I just use it as an exercise because I want to look at what is the 15% that i've been doing that i'm going to remove.

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Dan Miller: And sometimes those are very profitable productive areas, but they aren't energizing me perhaps as much as i'd like.

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Jane Atkinson: So that's how you make your decision is if that doesn't give me energy this does i'm going to.

00:08:19.380 --> 00:08:22.590
Jane Atkinson: Go so every year 15%.

00:08:22.920 --> 00:08:23.490

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Jane Atkinson: Talk about us improvement and tell me the most painful thing to let go of.

00:08:32.280 --> 00:08:38.430
Dan Miller: And what that means is that, like mathematically that means every four years of we got a new business but that's not necessarily true.

00:08:38.670 --> 00:08:49.260
Dan Miller: There are core components of my business that I had 30 years ago that I still have but it allows that fluidity and moving around repositioning all the time yeah.

00:08:49.770 --> 00:09:13.140
Jane Atkinson: I i'm going to challenge our listeners to look at your business from the perspective every year of what can I let go of and so what's the question Dan is it does this feed my soul does this bring me energy or does this suck the energy out of me.

00:09:14.010 --> 00:09:15.810
Jane Atkinson: Yes, question ask.

00:09:16.230 --> 00:09:24.450
Dan Miller: It is and here's an example and i've done this for years, at one point, it was doing corporate seminars.

00:09:24.630 --> 00:09:29.520
Dan Miller: And they were very, very profitable for me, but my heart is with the entrepreneur.

00:09:29.700 --> 00:09:38.100
Dan Miller: Right it's not with big where you walk into a building go up the elevator the 13th floor which there isn't one, of course, but anyway, he caught there somewhere.

00:09:38.370 --> 00:09:57.090
Dan Miller: In the conference room that's glassed in for the day that really sucks the life out of me so that was one time that was several years ago, but like this last year, we have the 48 days we are the 48 days to the life that the work in life, you love and we have that in a seminar form.

00:09:57.750 --> 00:10:02.250
Dan Miller: I really wanted to push getting that into the hands of individuals.

00:10:02.610 --> 00:10:11.670
Dan Miller: So they would go through, we send them a box with the materials in there and then I have 48 videos that are online that are part of that course, and I really wanted to push that.

00:10:12.150 --> 00:10:21.930
Dan Miller: I found it extremely laborious to do that just one, at a time like that there wasn't much economy of scale, taken a lot of time and just frustrated me.

00:10:23.370 --> 00:10:29.190
Dan Miller: i'm just going to move away from that, even though it really is a good application of my message and.

00:10:29.700 --> 00:10:42.870
Dan Miller: I thought it would do more just on its own, but it just didn't and so you know what i'm finished, I have thousands of boxes for that fancy seminar sit in my warehouse i'm going to recycle the cardboard I.

00:10:46.200 --> 00:10:54.570
Jane Atkinson: I have thrown away, and I know our listeners can relate to this, so I wrote a book once called the frog whisper.

00:10:54.870 --> 00:11:05.190
Jane Atkinson: About love and dating and I had a journal and a CD, and all this stuff and I got to the end of writing the book and kind of starting to promote it and I realized.

00:11:05.580 --> 00:11:23.370
Jane Atkinson: I don't want to be known for this, I was completely off topic, it was just an idea that was in my head that I needed to get it out onto paper and into book form but I didn't need to do all those extra things well we just took them all to recycling, the whole works, I mean I bet.

00:11:23.370 --> 00:11:26.190
Jane Atkinson: You sold, you know for journals.

00:11:26.610 --> 00:11:51.330
Jane Atkinson: And so, if I bought 500 then 496 went to recycling and I just I have no problem that that didn't even pain me to just go there, we go there's a lesson, there is a lesson and when I say pick a lane, I come to you from experience, I understand the pain of letting something go.

00:11:51.870 --> 00:12:02.430
Dan Miller: And when you do that, then i'm sure you recognize new opportunities that were in your wheelhouse that were in your lane things that you could develop that you maybe didn't have time to because of that.

00:12:02.610 --> 00:12:05.160
Dan Miller: From project you've been working on and that's.

00:12:05.490 --> 00:12:20.400
Dan Miller: True, for me, I mean this last year in eliminating that which, if you look at it just the the explosive possibilities, I mean if we had 500,000 people by that it would been very profitable that didn't happen.

00:12:20.820 --> 00:12:23.760
Dan Miller: So for the ones that were trickling out, it was just like.

00:12:24.480 --> 00:12:34.140
Dan Miller: A constant reminder of the work that it took to do that and I thought, what is it there, I can do that would have more leverage and be in an area that I enjoy more.

00:12:34.410 --> 00:12:42.090
Dan Miller: So I went to the other end of my market, so instead of somebody who just lost a job at taco bell and is trying to figure out how to get a job at mcdonald's.

00:12:42.540 --> 00:12:51.930
Dan Miller: I looked at, I already have people in my mastermind they're very accomplished successful entrepreneurs and there was always looking for what's next now a lot of them are.

00:12:52.560 --> 00:12:56.640
Dan Miller: Real Estate investors and they're invested in other kinds of things as well.

00:12:57.180 --> 00:13:11.700
Dan Miller: You know what What if we did something together, so I put together eagles innovation group as a new company a totally new company and I allow those people who are members of my mastermind to be Member investors in that.

00:13:12.300 --> 00:13:16.260
Dan Miller: they've put in I use my magic number 48 so it's $48,000.

00:13:16.440 --> 00:13:25.200
Dan Miller: that's it no more, no less everybody's the same so we're all on equal footing and then those people who are investors in that.

00:13:25.830 --> 00:13:30.480
Dan Miller: have an opportunity not only I make decisions about companies that we're going to invest in.

00:13:30.960 --> 00:13:44.610
Dan Miller: The ideas inventions we've got a lot or betting a new company tomorrow night as matter of fact that we're looking at that i'm really interested in and then those people have the opportunity not only for the financial gain, but also to serve as a mentor in that company.

00:13:45.570 --> 00:14:02.820
Dan Miller: Or we bring them in as a CFO or an interim CEO or help with their marketing, so they can use their area of expertise in that company so it's a more interactive involved process than just opening your computer and buying 100 more shares of apple stock.

00:14:03.990 --> 00:14:04.770
Jane Atkinson: So, would you.

00:14:05.070 --> 00:14:07.440
Jane Atkinson: expect angel investor group.

00:14:08.220 --> 00:14:11.130
Dan Miller: yeah pretty much it we're kind of like a shark tank.

00:14:11.490 --> 00:14:12.330
Jane Atkinson: yeah that's.

00:14:15.000 --> 00:14:19.680
Jane Atkinson: Your passion and your everything you really just hey.

00:14:19.770 --> 00:14:29.670
Dan Miller: Absolutely that's not like just more of the old stuff and trying to you know tweak it a little bit, this is a totally new arena, and I am having the time of my life.

00:14:29.940 --> 00:14:48.720
Jane Atkinson: that's fun that's fun talk a little bit about moving you decided that you had this big ranch in Tennessee and you were no longer able to do events there, so what prompted you to move to Florida.

00:14:49.380 --> 00:14:51.750
Dan Miller: So, after the county showed up and said.

00:14:51.960 --> 00:14:52.980
Dan Miller: slap my hand.

00:14:53.400 --> 00:15:04.800
Dan Miller: And said, you know you got to bulldoze your building, incidentally, it took me four years, nine months in three days to work through that bureaucratic process and I finally got it totally approved.

00:15:05.070 --> 00:15:08.550
Dan Miller: I think I just wore him out but I got it totally approved that's another story.

00:15:08.790 --> 00:15:18.060
Dan Miller: But because we couldn't do events they're all of a sudden, it was just a big piece of property for my wife and I to take care of it was just two of us.

00:15:18.210 --> 00:15:34.020
Dan Miller: Yes, wow, why are we doing this well my wife has always loved for that we've been coming down to Florida for years just various times we'd come down here, and she ultimately was asking the question, do you why are we going back to Tennessee again.

00:15:34.590 --> 00:15:37.560
Dan Miller: Being an author speaker coach you know we're pretty.

00:15:37.710 --> 00:15:44.970
Dan Miller: Mobile go anywhere land anywhere and I didn't have many excuses that I hadn't left so we started exploring.

00:15:45.390 --> 00:15:53.730
Dan Miller: And, being an old farm kid used to our property in Tennessee you know, like where there's green grass and big trees and winding roads and all that and I thought well.

00:15:54.060 --> 00:16:02.280
Dan Miller: You can do that in Florida everything's just sandbox you know brown grass and cookie cutter houses and you turn in and there's your garage.

00:16:02.640 --> 00:16:13.260
Dan Miller: Well, we did some searching and discovered that's not true for every place in Puerto so we have a place with a big yard there's a lake right behind the golf course the other side.

00:16:14.010 --> 00:16:27.960
Dan Miller: know we have a beautiful rid of property that we're in and we just made the move, but you know there's something really refreshing about just kind of drawn a line in the sand and having something new, it forces you to reevaluate how am I spending my time.

00:16:29.040 --> 00:16:38.940
Dan Miller: Where we going to to to spend time with what can activities are we going to be committed to week after week, where it's so easy just to kind of gravitate into those and have them build we just keep.

00:16:39.390 --> 00:16:47.460
Dan Miller: it's a garage you keep throwing more and more in there, and when you move geographically it really helps you to kind of take a new look.

00:16:47.820 --> 00:17:03.360
Dan Miller: I love that process so we're just south of sarasota Florida right on the coast on the Gulf side and it's very different and we absolutely love it my wife just says she pinches herself in the morning, make sure this isn't a dream.

00:17:04.050 --> 00:17:14.340
Jane Atkinson: I love that and I love that you just kind of you've always evaluated and reinvented and then evaluated again and reinvented and.

00:17:14.730 --> 00:17:25.620
Jane Atkinson: I think that that is where, as we record this today we're at the end of April and cove it is kind of rearing its head again.

00:17:26.160 --> 00:17:33.000
Jane Atkinson: I know that there's a lot of people who are just constantly evaluating okay.

00:17:33.450 --> 00:17:44.040
Jane Atkinson: Is this what I want to be doing, you know we just started speaking again and now, maybe it might you know a few things might start to get bumped out and what have you so.

00:17:44.400 --> 00:17:55.860
Jane Atkinson: Maybe you don't want to be so dependent on the ups and downs of whatever's going on in the world, or maybe you're totally maybe you just can't wait to get back on stage.

00:17:56.310 --> 00:18:05.430
Jane Atkinson: I think really understanding what it is that you truly truly love and mix, you know feed your energy that's the thing we need to land on.

00:18:06.510 --> 00:18:11.910
Dan Miller: And here's the thing if somebody is waiting until we get back to normal.

00:18:12.450 --> 00:18:14.670
Dan Miller: We didn't tell things are the way they were.

00:18:15.030 --> 00:18:22.620
Dan Miller: they're going to be disappointed because we're never going to go back to the way things were the workplace has changed this great resignation, we talked about.

00:18:23.160 --> 00:18:31.140
Dan Miller: Here in America or 4 million people not resigned to the jobs, nine months consecutively mean that is amazing, but.

00:18:31.560 --> 00:18:44.520
Dan Miller: Unemployment is continues to drop dramatically so Scott, those people are just sitting on the curb somewhere doing nothing, those people are saying I didn't enjoy that i'm going to go try this we all have to be doing that.

00:18:44.820 --> 00:18:45.960
Dan Miller: So looking for.

00:18:46.050 --> 00:18:57.690
Dan Miller: What are the new opportunities not, how can I wait this out and get back to doing what I was doing what are the new opportunities that I didn't see before, but now are showing up every day.

00:18:58.140 --> 00:19:10.320
Jane Atkinson: There was one man, who said to me, I don't know we just had a quick intro chat or something, and he said well my industry got dried up, and so I haven't done anything for two years.

00:19:10.470 --> 00:19:27.060
Jane Atkinson: Well, I thought oh wow well all of our clients pivoted got going ramped up and evolved, and I mean we were on it within a matter of days days, maybe weeks for some people, but.

00:19:28.050 --> 00:19:39.360
Jane Atkinson: you've got to be able to, I mean the waiting game really where does that take you your your it's somebody else's everything everything else now is in somebody else's control.

00:19:39.990 --> 00:19:54.570
Dan Miller: Oh, it can seem that way, if you allow that's for sure, but this last year, and a lot of changes, we made a lot of changes we move change the business model that and just took care of my Texas and.

00:19:55.500 --> 00:20:01.500
Dan Miller: showed my wife, the check I had to road and she was aghast I says well you know what that means.

00:20:02.790 --> 00:20:03.270
Dan Miller: The best.

00:20:03.330 --> 00:20:15.420
Dan Miller: Best year we've ever had in our lives, for one, it just simply means that things are going very well for us, so we didn't just sit down and wait, we just simply pivoted read all realigned.

00:20:16.020 --> 00:20:20.160
Dan Miller: made the adjustments and found new opportunities that's what entrepreneurs, do we that's what.

00:20:20.610 --> 00:20:31.590
Dan Miller: Speakers if somebody is a speaker they certainly aren't looking just for a steady paycheck somewhere they're innovative they're thinking on their own, and we ought to be able to see those new opportunities.

00:20:31.950 --> 00:20:40.050
Jane Atkinson: yeah and I just want to say that we have a saying over here about not making decisions based on fear.

00:20:40.470 --> 00:20:55.230
Jane Atkinson: I think when you start to see a few dates pumping out fear can rear its head and you might start to scramble and make decisions that later on, you may regret so.

00:20:55.560 --> 00:21:06.390
Jane Atkinson: be aware we've been through this before, if you know I don't think we're ever going to go back into shut down but you're right Dan things are never going to go back to quote unquote normal.

00:21:06.840 --> 00:21:15.780
Jane Atkinson: So just be aware of when fear is driving your feelings i'm pretty sure that you don't let fear drive very many of your.

00:21:15.840 --> 00:21:18.870
Dan Miller: Decisions No I don't.

00:21:19.920 --> 00:21:24.090
Dan Miller: One of my one of my pet peeves seeing people trapped in fear.

00:21:24.300 --> 00:21:30.690
Dan Miller: You know, fear means there's a lack of knowledge that you can overcome or perceived lack of income to go on a new direction.

00:21:30.900 --> 00:21:37.500
Dan Miller: And those things can be overcome pretty easily but I had events booked a universities that's one of the areas.

00:21:37.740 --> 00:21:45.600
Dan Miller: Where I hit a lot of opportunities to speak because we're helping kids understand the reality of the workplace out here what they're going to be confronted with.

00:21:45.990 --> 00:21:56.340
Dan Miller: Well, a lot of those got cancelled as, as you can expect and they all expected that they would have me back when things got back to normal.

00:21:56.610 --> 00:21:57.270
Dan Miller: Best what.

00:21:57.840 --> 00:22:04.140
Dan Miller: Those universities are finding out a whole one of those kids that had to stay at home or not coming back to campus.

00:22:04.320 --> 00:22:17.790
Jane Atkinson: Oh, I know that's happened up here to one of my friends worked for the colleges and their their enrollment is down like 20 plus percent, what do you, what do you attribute that to down.

00:22:18.150 --> 00:22:25.860
Dan Miller: Just like the the ordinary workers started working from home and all of a sudden, they realize there's really no reason I can't work from home.

00:22:26.310 --> 00:22:30.690
Dan Miller: So when the company said okay we're ready for you to come back, they said no count me out.

00:22:31.140 --> 00:22:42.450
Dan Miller: i've had too many options, I can work for five companies doing exactly what I enjoy doing and do it from home and have fewer hours and double my pay nothing like so the students are saying.

00:22:42.930 --> 00:22:48.780
Dan Miller: You know what if I really want to continue my education, I can jump online with any university out there.

00:22:49.170 --> 00:22:54.810
Dan Miller: But here's here's The other thing too, and this is a, this is a new opportunity for me to help people understand this.

00:22:55.620 --> 00:23:11.340
Dan Miller: There Elon musk just announced everybody no surprise you don't need a college degree to come work at tesla guess what neither do it at Microsoft Google netflix they're all saying we aren't really seeing the correlation between a four year degree.

00:23:12.450 --> 00:23:15.600
Dan Miller: To help us identify the skills that we really need.

00:23:16.050 --> 00:23:17.160
Dan Miller: So if you deed.

00:23:17.340 --> 00:23:26.220
Dan Miller: Especially in the tech world there's a new term out there, right now, it's called New collar worker or no collar worker, we used to identify.

00:23:26.610 --> 00:23:36.240
Dan Miller: yeah we used to identify people you know white collar worker, you know what that means somebody who's a banker or works in an office somewhere or a doctor and then there's blue collar workers.

00:23:36.660 --> 00:23:48.000
Dan Miller: Well, we don't have those distinctions anymore, there are people making $200,000 a year that wear a T shirt may not even go to an office, the no collar worker but what's happened is.

00:23:48.810 --> 00:23:58.350
Dan Miller: Those kids who used to be sitting in the university are discovering they can jump on linkedin learning and take a six week course and position them to get $100,000 your position.

00:23:58.710 --> 00:24:16.800
Dan Miller: Where the company doesn't care they don't have a traditional four year degree well that's a new opportunity for me, because the workplace has changed it's a new opportunity for me to speak, both to universities and to those previous or prospective students new opportunity.

00:24:16.950 --> 00:24:19.350
Jane Atkinson: What are you speaking to them on.

00:24:20.910 --> 00:24:21.330
Jane Atkinson: well.

00:24:21.840 --> 00:24:22.470
Jane Atkinson: Work you love.

00:24:23.850 --> 00:24:26.640
Dan Miller: In essence that's still the core message, yes.

00:24:27.270 --> 00:24:30.180
Dan Miller: But the application of that see changes.

00:24:31.500 --> 00:24:34.170
Dan Miller: The work you love came out in 2000.

00:24:35.130 --> 00:24:35.640
Dan Miller: thousand.

00:24:35.820 --> 00:24:43.530
Dan Miller: that's a long time ago I updated every five years, so I updated it oh 510 15 and 20.

00:24:43.950 --> 00:24:48.030
Dan Miller: But i've got voracious notes for what will be on the 2025 version.

00:24:49.200 --> 00:24:54.960
Dan Miller: In this current version, about 30% of what is there was in the original version.

00:24:56.040 --> 00:25:01.080
Dan Miller: The original process of looking internally that 85% of looking inward first.

00:25:01.590 --> 00:25:10.770
Dan Miller: has remained the same pretty much sell the 15% is the application, now that I know what I know about myself how I relate to other people what kind of environments and most comfortable in.

00:25:11.340 --> 00:25:21.000
Dan Miller: What is the application that has changed 15 years ago we didn't talk about electronic immigrants or digital nomads.

00:25:21.150 --> 00:25:24.120
Dan Miller: we've got these terms that identify realistic work.

00:25:24.630 --> 00:25:32.340
Dan Miller: But they don't have any of the characteristics of getting your car driving an hour commute clocking in and sitting in a cubicle.

00:25:32.670 --> 00:25:44.940
Dan Miller: None of that at all so that's what i'm talking to schools, about how to prepare students for the reality of the workplace, and then to students who are considering that lays what the options really are.

00:25:46.200 --> 00:25:51.870
Jane Atkinson: that's cool that is super cool you're you're dropping all kinds of interesting knowledge on us.

00:25:51.870 --> 00:25:57.810
Jane Atkinson: Here I love it Dan I just want to ask you a question.

00:25:58.320 --> 00:26:10.320
Jane Atkinson: You know you have all this confidence, you lose confidence and talk a little bit go back in time and you've called yourself a poor farm kid.

00:26:10.740 --> 00:26:24.270
Jane Atkinson: Talk about how you learned to speak with such confidence and be confident in your ideas, because honestly I feel like that's kind of what we're in the business of selling here is confidence, sometimes.

00:26:24.780 --> 00:26:34.890
Dan Miller: It is all love your question, thank you, I was raised, I was poor I remember when we bought one cow Guernsey cow milk that cow by hand.

00:26:35.340 --> 00:26:54.360
Dan Miller: And then we moved up to have 12 cows still milk them by hand twice a day 365 days a year, so we were very, very poor and I grew up in that environment not only were we poor Jane but I was in a very, very restrictive legalistic theological religious environment.

00:26:54.450 --> 00:26:56.370
Dan Miller: My dad was a pastor of a little tiny.

00:26:56.550 --> 00:27:09.630
Dan Miller: Conservative Mennonite church, so we were not supposed to be interested in what's happening out there, those people making money or probably cheating somebody and doing that there's dangers and having a lot of money, money is the root of all.

00:27:09.660 --> 00:27:19.800
Jane Atkinson: Evil all evil that's it knowing what your money story is interesting, you know it's so interesting in here, you know that that's what you were raised on.

00:27:20.280 --> 00:27:28.560
Dan Miller: that's what I was raised on so it was not just an economic thing, it was an overlay of a cultural and theological thing as well, did not have anything.

00:27:28.890 --> 00:27:39.000
Dan Miller: Right, I had too much time out in the fields by myself, I think, to think and dream and planet imagine, and we did not have TV or radio in our House.

00:27:39.480 --> 00:27:50.010
Dan Miller: But I had access to a little tiny country bookstore and I would find these rags to riches stories in there and I would find books like think and grow rich.

00:27:50.520 --> 00:28:00.360
Dan Miller: Are you good me that would be totally banned in my house thinking big David Schwartz those were the things that led to how I live.

00:28:00.810 --> 00:28:06.990
Dan Miller: And the confidence that I have the day it was those David Schwartz me that little tiny book that i've read over and over again.

00:28:07.410 --> 00:28:14.820
Dan Miller: walk 25% faster, you know smile big remember people's names, you know shake hands, those are the kind of things.

00:28:15.210 --> 00:28:35.640
Dan Miller: That have allowed me to overcome that shy backward little boy, that I was trained to be and to stay and just opened up a world of opportunities, so a lot of it was in in personal development, to learn confidence boldness enthusiasm and to share that and wow does that lead to opportunities.

00:28:35.970 --> 00:28:44.280
Jane Atkinson: Oh wow I did you have to leave your family in the Church in order to kind of break free from that life.

00:28:44.790 --> 00:28:46.350
Dan Miller: I did I did.

00:28:47.490 --> 00:28:49.110
Jane Atkinson: In a difficult decision at the time.

00:28:49.380 --> 00:28:50.430
Dan Miller: Was i'll give you a.

00:28:50.700 --> 00:28:53.940
Dan Miller: Short version of that my dad.

00:28:55.320 --> 00:29:04.410
Dan Miller: allowed me to go to school, Thomas 16 in our culture, that was the model go to school, as long as the state requires you to and then at 16 you stop.

00:29:04.830 --> 00:29:12.690
Dan Miller: My choices for work that I love where zero, I was not only expected I was obligated to just help my dad on a farm.

00:29:13.200 --> 00:29:21.750
Dan Miller: He had fed me when I was a kid my return payment was to work with him on the farm, so that was the model, so I did finish high school.

00:29:22.440 --> 00:29:36.330
Dan Miller: Okay, that, then I wanted to go to college absolutely forbidden I enrolled at Ohio State University, and I would go to night classes, so I would get up at 530 in the morning, milk, the cows do.

00:29:36.780 --> 00:29:44.700
Dan Miller: farm work all day long and then at night from six to 10 o'clock i'd take night classes, much to my parents dismay.

00:29:45.480 --> 00:29:57.060
Dan Miller: In that period of time, I also met Joanne when she was just 17, and so the 10 o'clock turn into 12 o'clock and one o'clock I sometimes I come home change clothes and go out and start the farm work.

00:29:57.300 --> 00:30:01.860
Dan Miller: I got sick I got really sick mononucleosis I couldn't get over it.

00:30:02.130 --> 00:30:13.440
Dan Miller: I was definitely sick and realize the doctor told me, I could not continue doing what I was doing and I made a decision at 18 years old, that I was not going to continue with my dad.

00:30:13.830 --> 00:30:23.310
Dan Miller: That was a very, very painful time no doubt about it, I left that i'm not going to help you anymore now i'll be quick to add time is a wonderful healer.

00:30:23.460 --> 00:30:34.140
Dan Miller: Yes, I got married to a woman, they didn't approve, but a joy and my wife is impossible not to love her, she became my mom's very best friend.

00:30:34.620 --> 00:30:36.840
Dan Miller: There were certainly healing in that relationship.

00:30:37.230 --> 00:30:54.480
Dan Miller: My dad in, although he was used to the kind of work where you've milk cows and take the milk, the market you plant corn and harvests a corn he never really understood you talk and people pay you for that never could get his head around that.

00:30:54.870 --> 00:31:03.360
Dan Miller: And i'm humbled you know now to realize that on a good day I make more money than my dad ever made in a calendar year.

00:31:04.200 --> 00:31:14.520
Dan Miller: And he was real when he was even the nursing home and his last year, so he was he point me out on TV and in my books there's room to show to his friends and all so he was.

00:31:14.820 --> 00:31:23.970
Dan Miller: very, very proud of what I did, and the impact, he saw me having but the transition time when I left the farm was very, very painful.

00:31:24.570 --> 00:31:33.930
Jane Atkinson: Down wow I think about my dad as well, and the idea of making as much in a month or a day, as he made in his entire.

00:31:34.320 --> 00:31:39.030
Jane Atkinson: In his entire year and he always laughed at me, not only was he proud Dan.

00:31:39.390 --> 00:31:57.030
Jane Atkinson: But he would call me up and say oh it's Friday, are you taking the day off because I said I wasn't going to work on Fridays anymore, and he thought that was hilarious I was just happy to provide him I always wanted to make my dad laugh, so I made him proud and I made him laugh.

00:31:57.300 --> 00:32:02.430
Jane Atkinson: Two boxes checked and you know, probably like your dad he's been gone for quite some time now.

00:32:04.230 --> 00:32:20.400
Jane Atkinson: Dan Miller, it is always such an incredible pleasure to talk to you tell everybody if they want to know more about you get involved in the 48 days Community what's the what's the onboarding how how's the best place that they get to know you.

00:32:21.180 --> 00:32:29.340
Dan Miller: Well, thank you well, the 48 days is my consistent brand so it's easy to find 40 days calm or to resources there.

00:32:29.730 --> 00:32:39.030
Dan Miller: Are the interview that we have people who are sharing ideas and want to grow their dreams to reality is a 40 days eagles and again if they just look for that.

00:32:39.360 --> 00:32:49.380
Dan Miller: We use eagles a lot and symbolism above the symbolism of the eagles so it's 40 days, these are people that are flying high when there's storms, we just fly higher.

00:32:50.340 --> 00:32:57.750
Dan Miller: Tractors we fly high enough that they all fall away, I mean there's so many things there, but those are a couple places they could find more.

00:32:58.050 --> 00:33:07.770
Jane Atkinson: Beautiful well, thank you, Dan and Jen who runs our school has also crossed into your community and actually introduced us to each other.

00:33:09.330 --> 00:33:20.070
Jane Atkinson: she's introduced me to a lot of really cool people and i'm so grateful that I got to know you and have had a chance to have you back on the show Thank you again for being here damn.

00:33:20.460 --> 00:33:22.650
Dan Miller: Well, thank you for having me as a guest Jane.

00:33:22.950 --> 00:33:33.690
Jane Atkinson: And for those of you tuning in We appreciate you as well, and I cannot wait to see you again next week with that we will say see you assemble the speakers bye for now.

Highlights you won’t want to miss:

  • Live your own dream. [1:00]
  • Dan’s reinvention by necessity. [2:30]
  • Getting clarity. [5:30]
  • Keep the core; change the rest. [8:30]
  • Don’t be afraid to start something new. [12:00]
  • Find what feeds your energy. [18:00]
  • Don’t make decisions based in fear. [21:00]
  • Finding confidence in books. [26:00]

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