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What is Your Social Media Strategy?

social media strategy

I admire people who have a strong content and social media strategy. They know exactly who they are talking to and what content to deliver to them on a regular basis. They skillfully pepper in personal content along with solid ideas based on their area of expertise to not only deliver content of value but personality. So impressive!

However, I wonder… Is that what most people are doing?

I know many who are, but probably a larger number of people who are not. To help, I wanted to share some key questions to ask yourself to get you thinking about your content and social media strategy.

  1. Who is your target market?

    It is so important to define who your target market is to ensure that you are creating content that is of value to them and that they will connect and engage with.

  2. What do you want them to do?

    We have talked about The Power of the Ask before as it relates to sales, but the same principles apply to social media. Ask people to take the specific actions you want (Like our page, retweet, check out my blog)

  1. Do you separate your personal (friends and family) social from your business?

    The conversations you have with your family and friends are most likely quite different from those you are having with potential customers and colleagues. If you do not separate your personal social from your business, consider doing so to keep your content on point and relative to your audience.

  1. Do you have a strategy designed to drip out content on a regular basis?

    Social media marketing does not work if you are not showing up consistently. Create a plan to ensure that you are posting to your different platforms on a regular basis.

  1. Are you switching it up to post quality content, interesting tidbits about your life and things that you think your audience would appreciate?

    People tend to hire people that they like. While sharing your knowledge and expertise is important, it is also important to impart some of ‘you’ to your audience so people feel they know you and can connect with you.

  1. Are you monitoring your social media to see what is effective and what’s not?

    Measure, measure and then measure again. If you aren’t measuring your marketing then you are simply wasting time and money .

  1. Are you investing in advertising on social media to expand your customer list and reach?

    Advertising on social media can have many benefits if you do it right. Consider trying it if you are looking to reach new potential customers and grow your list.

Writing this post has me thinking – are we doing a good job of this? Sometimes, with all of the noise out there on social media, I am quite certain that nobody is paying attention. But then I post a pic of my new grandbaby and the floodgates open. Sometimes all it takes is showing up in front of the right person at the right time!

In our latest podcast with Chris Tompkins, we talk about the importance of developing a strong social media strategy and took a close look at some of what does work and what doesn’t. Take a listen as I think it will be a valuable 30 minutes for you.

My goal for today’s post is to get you thinking strategically about the content you create and share with your audiences. For those of you who struggle in this area, I hope this helps you to adopt a new approach. For those of you who have a solid strategy already in place, perhaps it provides a few additional things to think about to fine-tune your plan and find greater success.

See you soon Wealthy Speakers!

Jane Atkinson




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