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3 Ways to Stay Focused on Your Speaking Business and Finish 2020 Strong

stay focused on your speaking business

Have you ever been to or watched a horse race? To keep the horses focused and away from distractions, they put blinders on them to keep them looking straight ahead at the finish line.

I feel as though 2020 has been the “year of the distraction.” Between the pandemic, the U.S. election, and social unrest we’ve got three pretty major things that can pull our focus and take us off of our game.

Then pile on an uncertain economy, our addictions to social media (amplified by the pandemic), and many parents having children at home. Wow, we’ve never been as challenged… and as distracted!

So how do we put the blinders on so we can keep moving forward and finish the race to the end of 2020 strong?

Here are three tips to keep you moving towards the speaking business of your dreams.

Develop a Morning Routine

Are you being intentional about how you start every day or does each day start by checking your cell before you get out of bed? If you’re taking your phone into the bedroom, then stop that.  And if you want to have a better excuse to kick that habit, check out The Social Dilemma on Netflix. That ought to do the trick.

When you begin your day with some intentional thoughts, reading, exercise, meditation, gratitude, and planning, you’re setting yourself up for success.

Every morning, I use my Wealthy Speaker Daily Success Planner & Journal to get my day started the way I want it to start. On the mornings that I bypass this routine, I feel somewhat untethered and much less focused.

Get Intentional with Your Time

On a recent podcast, my guest Michelle Cederberg, author of The Success-Energy Equation, talked about how we roll through our day on autopilot and aren’t really intentional with our time.

Think about how easy it is to go down a social media rabbit hole only to realize that you’ve wasted two hours! And then wouldn’t you like that two hours back when you are under the gun to get a proposal out or a new blog post written!

Michelle really got me thinking about this. Sometimes, I just shuffle around between 9 am and noon waiting for my first coaching call. But when I schedule specific tasks within those hours, I can be mighty productive.

When we schedule our day with intention, everything changes!

Keep Your Eye on the Prize

When you look down the road into the future towards what you want and take one step at a time to get there, you cannot go wrong. When the blinders to all of the world’s distractions are in place and you steadily gaze out towards the speaking business of your dreams, you’ll be gravitating towards your most helpful thoughts.

The alternative is to constantly worry and think about how things might go badly and that’s not helpful!

The world is challenging right now… but that doesn’t have to deter us from making 2020 a successful year. Keep those blinders on and race towards your finish line.

And if you need a little help, we’ve got some great programs for speakers in any stage of growth. Our Acceleration Academy is for emerging speakers and is designed to hold you accountable for building your dream speaking business.  For our intermediate and advanced speakers, our Inner Circle Mastermind Group is perfect for helping you get to the next level with the help of peer support and advanced learning. Each program has just a few seats open – so check them out now and take a step towards finishing 2020 strong!

I’ll see you soon Wealthy Speakers!

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