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The Fastest Path to Growing Your Speaking Business: Being Epic on the Platform

being epic on the platform

You have all heard me talking about some of my fastest growth clients before. Ryan Estis moved past the million dollar milestone in about four years. Kindra Hall is in year three and well on her way.

“And what do these two have that is so special,” you might ask?

They have the platform. And they rock it every time they go out. Whether the audience is 50 C Suite execs or 8,000 sales people, they have the goods to knock it out of the park.

Marketing your business is one thing. When you are good at marketing, that sets you up for the first event. However, unless you rock the platform, that event does not produce spin-off. And spin-off is king.

So, let me ask you this:

When you go out to speak, do most of your presentations generate 2 or 3 more presentations?

If that is not happening, you need to sharpen the saw. You need to move your presentation towards epic because your speech is your #1 form of marketing.

Here are three things to consider polishing this summer to generate more spin-off business.

creating a speech for being epic on the platform


Your opening must be well crafted and well thought out. This is not the moment to “wing it.” Nor is it the moment to be up in your head thinking “now, what was I going to say next?” You have to have your opening down cold so that when you show up, it sounds like you are having just a fabulous conversation with the audience and you are saying it all for the first time.


Your stories should have a beginning, a middle, and an end. And, of course, they need to have a point. Try to take the focus off yourself and make your audience, or other people the “heroes” of your stories.

Here’s an example: You have done your research about your topic of teamwork, and you have found out that three people in the audience have demonstrated one of your key points nicely. Call them out and make them look great. You are taking the focus off yourself and giving an example that others in the audience can relate to. Brilliant!


So many of us work hard on the opening and the content of the presentation, but then just let the closing drift off like Charlie Brown’s teacher’s voice: “wah wah wah.” That is not going to get people jumping to their feet with enthusiasm! You need to give them a call to action that is going to effect change. Send them home sparked, pumped and ready to take your material and set it on fire!

being epic on the platform

If you take this homework challenge and brush up your opening, your stories and the closing of your presentation, I think that you will find it has been a fabulous investment of your time and energy.

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Happy Summer Wealthy Speakers!

Jane Atkinson

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