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Manifesting Your Perfect Speaking Business by Saying “Yes” Rather Than “How”

If you started to tune out at the use of the word manifesting, please don’t today. I’m not peddling any particular brand of religion or spirituality here. I’m just encouraging the notion to remain open to possibilities. And one way you can do that is by manifesting your perfect speaking business by saying ‘Yes’ rather than ‘How.

Let me explain.

Many years ago, I was living in Dallas and was searching for my belief system. I didn’t really know what I believed and so started to explore various ideologies.

One evening I found myself at a large nondenominational church watching a speaker named Dr. Wayne Dyer, whom I know many of you have heard of. Wayne was telling a story about how one day he was rushing around his house searching for his car keys and thought one of his kids had hidden them as a joke. After ranting for a few minutes, he came across the keys in his coat pocket… cue audience laughter.  What he said next struck me. He said:

“It’s a short distance between enlightened and a**hole.”

I’ve never forgotten that line.

I had never seen a spiritual leader being more real, and I have followed Wayne Dyer’s teachings ever since. On Sunday’s, I like to hop in the tub and put on Wayne’s Manifest Your Destiny audiobook. One of his first teachings is “your job is not to say how — it’s to say yes.”

What Does It Mean to Say Yes Rather Than How?

My interpretation is not to wait until you have the entire goal figured out to set it, just go big and trust. The pieces of the puzzle will fall into place as you go. Your higher power, whatever your belief system, will kick in and assist.

Coach Dan Sullivan talks about having a ten times business. Imagine earning ten times more than you do now? At first, that idea seemed outrageous and scary to me. But when I think back, I have already done it once in my career, who’s to say I can’t do it again?

Do I believe I can just make a wish and it will all come true?  Heck no! That first ten times took some serious work and so will the second. But I don’t have to stop myself from setting that goal by wondering “how” it will all come to pass. I just say “yes” to the idea.

I was tested on this last November when a waterfront cottage came up for purchase. We weren’t at all prepared financially to take on another mortgage (we have several properties already). But it felt like synchronicity was at work. After all, I had put this place on my dream board. I could just imagine our grandkids growing up there water skiing and fishing with G-Pa and me. We just had to figure it out.

So, although it was a year or two ahead of schedule, we said yes. And while the first few months were kind of scary, the finances just fell into place, and I couldn’t be happier that we took the leap.

lakefront home

Ryan Estis said “yes” long before he knew the “how.” If you don’t know Ryan’s story, he quit his job during the worst economic time in the past decade. After many years of hard work and figuring out the “how” he is now well into his 7-figure business. No doubt he’s glad he didn’t wait.

So let me ask you this: What do you need to say YES to?

If you are feeling bold and brave share with us in the comments below so we can support you!

See you soon Wealthy Speakers!

Jane Atkinson




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