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The Best Speaker Website Contest 2022: And the Winner Is…

The Best Speaker Website Contest 2022: And the Winner Is...Featured Image

This year’s Best Speaker Website contest brought us some truly incredible examples of speaker websites. It was so difficult to narrow down to just a few finalists after a record number of submissions!

Now that all of your final votes are in, we are so excited to share the results! Thank you to the hundreds of folks who took the time to vote!

While this contest is a lot of fun, there are two main reasons that we run it:

  1. To point out what elements are needed to create a compelling speaker website that gets you hired.
  2. Probably most important, to get you thinking about what you might do to improve your own website and use the examples as a catalyst to start making those changes.

Take a look at not only the winner’s site, but that of all of this year’s nominees, to see some of the features that they are using and start to think about what might work for your own website. You can then adapt them with your own creative flair! Of course, we don’t want all sites to look the same, so allow your personality to shine through and ensure it suits the market that you seek.

And now to announce the winner of The 2022 Best Speaker Website contest…


winner Allan Kehler website

Allan Kehler. As I said, I immediately feel a good vibe when I enter Allan’s site. There is a calm energy which I believe is brought on by his photo (hero image). You really want to convey trust when Mental Health is your topic and he establishes his site as a safe space. Allan uses his logo brilliantly in the middle of the header and his tabs are all straightforward (I don’t have to guess what he means due to clever language or loads of drop-down lists).  He keeps it clean and straightforward.

Most importantly, Allan’s promise is clear, front and center. “Creating a safe space where people can be seen, heard, and supported” is a terrific, outcome-oriented, promise.  Well done on a winning website Allan Kehler!

Here are the results of all the votes:

2022 speaker website contest results

Here are some notes about our runners-up websites:

John Register

nominee john register

This website is well done and very professional.  Although I normally don’t like carousels (for those that don’t know, a carousel is the sideways scrolling above the fold), I think this one works.

Cassandra Worthy

nominee cassandra worthy websiteHow can you not be happy looking at this homepage? It still amazes me the difference that photography makes.  This website oooozes energy, which is exactly what you want when choosing a speaker!

This contest has been one of our best, and I’m so excited to have presented you with these ideas as samples of what’s possible. If you are just starting, don’t compare your beginning with someone else’s 20-year mark. Many of these speakers have been working away at this for a while.

If you’d like to have a website review and strategy session, please book a Focus 40 Session with me, and we’ll help get your plan in place.

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