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What Are the Flashpoints in Your Business?

Vince Poscente shared the term Flashpoint with me when I was writing the book, The Wealthy Speaker. He told me that they were moments in your business when it took off like a rocket – serious turning points towards your ultimate goals.

No doubt you have experienced some already:

– The day you gave your first paid speech.

– The moment you cracked open that first box of your freshly printed new book.

– When you scored that client at your highest fee ever.

Those are flashpoints. Congratulations!

My goal is always to inspire you to go for something that you hadn’t even thought of, so let me lay out a few more possibilities for you.

Ryan Estis never thought he could charge $10,000 per speech. Today he charges three times that amount and his client base is Fortune 100 companies. Every fee increase has been a flashpoint in Ryan’s business and he’s broken through barriers each time to fearlessly command the new fee.

Kindra Hall had always dreamed of living in Manhattan with her family and sure enough, this summer, she made the move there with two small children in tow. Kindra’s hard work, relentless energy, and growing business demands, allowed her to expand her team, with the addition of her greatest business partner, her husband. Together, they pursue their business goals and chase their personal dreams. Their combined mobility and business success allowed them the flexibility to live anywhere they chose. Flashpoint!

Greg Schinkel has hit several flashpoints in his business, the first being a training contract for over a million dollars. Despite these large paychecks, Greg has been able to scale back his own time on the road and send other trainers to deliver his programs. This impacts his overall health and well-being and offers him more time at his vacation property. Who doesn’t want that?

My Flashpoints have come with each new book. So far I have penned four books and am starting to brew number five. A book is a game changer and a business shifter as you often spend time promoting the content of the book and shifting what you talk about to support it.

Speaker Writer

I also had a vision to create a more balanced life and, by achieving new and higher revenue goals, it’s happening! A part of that was owning a home on a lake. My ultimate idea was to be able to work from anywhere and this week, while you are reading this post, I’ll be paddle boarding in between coaching calls and helping with our renovation. Flashpoint!

There were certainly times in my life where I could not have imagined this dream coming true, but I’ve come to believe that I can literally achieve anything I put my mind to. And so can you!

What have been your Flashpoints? Have you stopped to recognize and celebrate them?

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